2017 4# HLTV ranked player
2018 1# HLTV ranked player
2019 2# HLTV ranked player
5x major champion
Fan Of Mousesports Since 2017
fav player : Ropz

8000hours in cs : 04/06/2020
9000hours : 07/01/2021

Trade link :

Knives that i have unboxed:
1st: Talon knife Crimson Web

2nd Knife Ursus Knife Marble Fade(FN)
(13th July 2019)

3rd Knife Karambit Marble Fade(FN) fire and ice play side (14th july 2019)

4th knife Ursus knife Boreal Forest(WW) (08th sept. 2019)

5th knife talon knife stained (ww) (13th sept 2019)

6th knife classic knife safari mesh (ft) (08.11.2019)

7th knife ursus knife doppler (mm) (05.12.2019)

8th knife ursus knife marble fade (fn) (23.12.2019)

9th glove hydra gloves case hardened (ww) (09.01.20)

10th knife ★ Ursus Knife | Damascus Steel (ft) (12.02.20)

11th knife stiletto knife vanilla (19.02.20)

12th knife falchion knife rust coat (bs)(4/8/20)

13th knife stiletto knife rust coat (ww)(6/6/20)

14th knife stilleto knife vanilla (6/6/20)7cases later

15th knife ★ Survival Knife | Stained (Battle-Scarred) (26/6/20)

16th knife ★ StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet | Crimson Web (bs) (5/7/20)

17th knife ★ Navaja Knife | Damascus Steel (fn)(8/7/20)

18th knife ★ StatTrak™ Survival Knife | Slaughter (MW)18/9/2020

19th knife ★ Survival Knife | Slaughter (MW) 18/9/20 back to back from the stattrak one

20th gold ★ Moto Gloves | Polygon (FT)18/9/20 10cases later

21st knife ★ Skeleton Knife | Boreal Forest (ft)(25/09/20)

22th knife ★ Survival Knife | Urban Masked (ft)(17/1/20)

23th knife ★ StatTrak™ Nomad Knife | Boreal Forest (MW) (28/11/20)

24th rare item awp fade fn 18/01/21

25th item ★ Knife Karambit autotronic (BS) 07/07/21
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