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Posted: Jan 2, 2016 @ 9:09am
Updated: Nov 25 @ 12:36pm

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is a remake of the original Flash game The Binding of Isaac. It has finally a new engine that runs great, with completely new pixelart graphics - and in case you don't like these, you can set a graphic filter.

It's a roguelike bullet hell game with controversional black comedy theme. God tells Isaac's mom to kill Isaac, so he runs away from her to basement, where are many scary monsters, from zombies to human centipedes, from unfriendly angels to devils. You might think that the game ends after you kill the Isaac's mom but... you'd be very far from true. You'll accomplish that in few hours of playtime but then you unlock content worth hundreds of hours full of fun!... and I won't spoil to you what awesome funny and hard things The Binding of Isaac brings.

- Huge amount of content that offers a lot of playtime for the price of . If you fancy the roguelike genre, you'll spend a lot of your time playing The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and you won't regret it.
- Cute, controversial, black comedy. You have to expect those elements in game design. Cute enemies, true happiness when you get a cancer (great powerup!) or fighting with "brownie" and more similar things.
- Levels are always different. It was awesome in the original The Binding of Isaac, now we got even more level and room variations. You might find similar room patterns from time to time, but whole levels are always different!
- Many items. Some are bad, some are good. You have to find yourself and remember what's worth taking through your runs. (And if you don't want it, you can always check The Binding of Isaac wiki, where you can find everything about the game.) Developers had so many great ideas for items, you'll get surprised even as a skilled player what yet unknown have you found.
- More than 100 achievements. And most achievements unlock new items, bosses and characters!
- Challenges. And even those, same as achievements, comes with new unlockable items as rewards.
- Local co-op. This is the colossal innovation that actually many people doesn't know about - Rebirth supports local co-op! Connect the gamepad and your friend can join your game in form of small baby that comes out of your character and steals part of your health to be able to help you.
- Beautiful pixelart graphic style.
- Great soundtrack.

- Too much randomness for some people. Runs might be really hard or really easy, depending on your luck on dropped items. You might feel bad if you win the game just because you got strong combination of items and not because of your skill.
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Important Rag Jan 8, 2016 @ 7:55pm 
I think another Con would be the lack of online co-op, but still a great game nonetheless.