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tengulolita Aug 17 @ 9:46pm 
gay and cringe
Salty Milkshake Feb 26 @ 6:29pm 
game sucks, cope
Shahongleus Feb 26 @ 6:15pm 
Shahongleus Feb 26 @ 6:15pm 
-rep said dying light was bad
Garbage Jan 9 @ 3:19am 
Oh, so you're just going to leave me on read? That's ok. No really, that's ok. It doesn't hurt my feelings at all. Not one bit. I mean I'm a nice person and all, and I can understand that maybe you're just not in the mood to talk right now and I'm ok with that. I hope leaving me on read took some of the stress out of your day. I hope that you feel empowered by neglecting the text that I took the time out of my day to send to you. Do you think I would have sent you that message if I knew you were just going to leave me on read? Was it really that meaningless to you? Do you think I really just sent you that message expecting no response? You're lucky because I'm a really nice person and I won't get worked up about this, but you should really consider the consequences of your actions in the future. :sacrificed:
Garbage Jan 9 @ 3:09am 
Hey queen I saw your tweet about how men are trash and. I just wanted to let you know I agree. Although I myself am a man (I know Ugh) I am on your side. "One of the good ones" as some may say. BTW I didn't notice how fat your boobies are till now but they're awesome