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Who is this bitch?
I'm SaimizZ and the way you're going to pronounce my name is wrong.
I'm the most critically acclaimed gamer you will ever know, Doom connoisseur. And generally....pretty epic

I used to make SFM animations which you can find here.
My Youtube Channel
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Overlord 16 май в 10:26 
saymeez gay
Sanches 13 май в 6:12 
Bruce the Crazy Barker 8 дек. 2018 в 9:08 
im gonna catch a stiffy with these noggers going bliky uh!!!
SaimizZ 8 дек. 2018 в 7:41 
made a card game uh
no girl want to suck my♥♥♥♥♥♥uh
made half life and killed it uh
some bussiness asked me who i am uh
it's just me uh
gabe newell on a forklift UUUUUUUUUUUH
PubesPeePie 8 дек. 2018 в 7:20 
steam inventory jewel
not another unusual
my wallet need a refuel
your games need renewal
stop being so cruel
fork lift gabe newell

Bruce the Crazy Barker 7 септ. 2018 в 10:36 
absolute mad dab