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Are you a bad enough dude to fight witches and save Halloween?
If so, then step out on CANDY NIGHT!

Candy Night is 31-level map pack with a Halloween theme.
Fight ghosts and witches, collect candy, and explore a spooky world all in the span of that si
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this is stressful
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Fedmate Jun 23 @ 4:56pm 
oh damn they actually gave you the hammer, rip

Rare Dwarfurious L
Iluszachane Jun 20 @ 10:08am 
my man got beat up in the DRG forums
Deadweight May 8 @ 3:51am 
I'm not adding people over this topic, but it's good to hear that it was helpful or at the very least interesting. I'm hopeful that this kind of situation improves in the future. More people knowing about stuff like this helps, because as you've been able to see, a lot of people still fall for the lies about them not owning their purchases.
Minuit May 8 @ 3:47am 
Hi, I just read your last post about softwares legislation on the forum; I was aware for most of the EU rights (where I am from) but not for US ones, and therefore thank you very much for the huge sourced intel you provided.
Retoraxik Apr 28 @ 5:46pm 
Unless Steam throws up errors and says I can't add you. Rip. add me if you feel like it, otherwise just ignore
Retoraxik Apr 28 @ 5:38pm 
Added because of based opinions on Win7 and tech companies.