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Remember, when you're lost in darkness, look for the light.
Before You Add Me:

I am very shy, do not ever think I will message you first/ask to play a game. It just won't happen! However, once conversation is flowing I will be fine!
I enjoy achievement hunting! More info is at the top of the profile!
I own a PC, 3DS and a PS4. My favourite games of all time is The Last of Us and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!
I like sleeping so if I'm not in game... I'm in bed
Private profiles, VAC bans, low levels will be ignored and maybe blocked
Do not beg or spam

When to catch me

In-Game: Doesn't matter what game it is please expect no reply until I am in downtime or quit
Online: Expect a reply within a few minutes due to being afk etc
Online with mobile: I am away from my PC but will reply if I can
Away: I am afk/have the mobile app running, therefore I will reply to you within a day or so
Busy: Again I am busy so expect a reply within a day or so
Offline: Don't expect a reply.

Please be aware that steam is very buggy so do not depend on my status. Just be patient

Finally (if I haven't scared you off too much):

If you find yourself deleted please do not take it personally, you can always re-add me. Most likely the reasons are... You changed your username/profile photo, you are not active on the activity feed, we do not speak when we normally do or you have been extremely rude

Thanks for reading!
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To the edge of the universe and back. Endure and survive.
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'I'm a Witcher. Heard you wondering about my swords. Well, one's for monsters, the other - for humans.'
- Geralt of Rivia



Just play the game. Its perfect. 10/10


The Witcher 3 is one of the best games I've ever played to date - probably the best I will ever play. It is now the bar I've set for gaming and will forever compare this masterpiece when progressing through future games. Never has a game pushed me to want to discover the lore of the world and read the novels which are written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Everything about this RPG is fantastic, it does have its flaws but it is as perfect as a game will ever be.


From the get go, The Witcher sucked me into the world and really immersed me into the life of Geralt of Rivia. The game is more than just the main quest, although it is fantastically written and voice acted. The little things such as the side quests, are memorable and feel like you matter to someone's life - whether you are part of the quest or merely just an observer of the story. Every quest I took part of I ended single handedly or left feeling like I had an impact. Even walking away from an on going sub story never ended in my mind, it felt more than just a quest, it gave depth to the environment and the NPCs living around my story. In some cases the little stories which seemed very insignificant impacted my story. Each character was fleshed out and didn't feel unimportant and gave so much depth to the overall arc, characters gained and lost were impactful. Choices I made were important and changed the story and its outcome for better or for worst.


The gameplay is most memorable. Exploration was always exciting and interesting. No two missions feel the same. Finding NPCs needing help brought life to the open world. Exploring hidden treasure, points of power, and enemy hideouts were brilliant and added to the experience. At no point in the game did I feel bored or had nothing to do. Even with finishing the main campaign I still have to play Gwent, fufill the contacts/side quests, explore more secrets, discover the DLC and replay on the deathmarch difficulty. The character builds are varied and fun; alchemy is important especially in the higher difficulties; signs are fantastic; mutators can change the play style of Geralt, and there are so many armour sets can be used to give specific buffs and skills to your build. I feel like the movement took some getting used to, and the swimming was just god awful... But apart from that it was perfect!


The Witcher 3 looks gorgeous, there were moments where I just hopped on Roach and took in the view. Its brilliantly done and I can see myself going around taking screenshots later for my showcase. I was able to run this game at 50-60fps on high with a few setttings turned down and it just looked amazing. One of the best looking games I've played thus far.


I listened to the OST before playing the game itself, I fell in love with all the music and playing The Witcher gave meaning to both the music and the game. The emotion of the song really immersed me into the story. Fights felt epic with the music playing. Even walking through Velen, Novigrad and Skellige with the conversation buzzing, the nature and the soft instrumentals were beautiful. Even after playing the game I still listen to the OST. The voice acting is brilliant, I loved all the characters.


I am not close to being finished with this game. There is still so much to discover. Its going to forever be my favourite game. This is exactly what games should be. The attention to detail and the execution of the story was brilliant. I wouldn't change a thing. Just fantastic. 10/10

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I've just found out u deleted me, so i'm gonna guess u made a clean in the house (?
Really hope u accept me again since i know we haven't been talking a lot but i wasn't that active either and dunno when to talk u either as well :P. But i really like having a sadistik kitten in my friend list. Kisses and hope to hear something back from u. Have a great week ^^.
Ally Apr 7 @ 6:20am 
U just jelly cuz i no rub u for a while!
Pako l Apr 7 @ 2:57am 
u can add me in your group? thanks
Tiny&Purple Apr 7 @ 1:06am 
firefly? watched it already? good for you :D
cuco Apr 5 @ 2:09pm 
I want best girl to be my girl! So be good, okay?
ambidot Mar 31 @ 5:14pm