Spiral Sam
LVL 41 Legendary Crok   Vienna, West Virginia, United States
Some Pointless stuff below

Game stuff
:balloonicorn: TF2 :
-Main Medic despite just having ~28 hours
-Total Points:~38,500
:health: L4D2 :
-Almost alway pick Ellis,Francis
-Most used gun:Combat Shotgun,Pistol
-Good guy Nick
-Things got killed:62,100+
:dallas: PD2 :
-Scarface/Dallas pick
-Neutral Stealth/Loud Knowledge
-Worthy,Done Secret
:FC5_Cross: Friends
- Legoshark(weeabo player 3) :
The reason I still playing Team Fortress 2,Introduce Me to L4D2.Gifted Me Premium upgrade.The Nicest person I've ever met[And his friend too(weeabo player 4)]

- Thoress :
Super Chill and Friendly even through we hasn't talking to each other for months,still.He's a Nice Guy

:bouche: NOT FRIEND
- Norsk :
Ultimate fecking betrayal,blocked me thinking I was following him around when I'm playing my favourite server that he also like,gave him my first ever hat(which is tough stuff muff)which i really like,he says he got a birthday so i wan't to give him something to cheer him up(DON'T EVEN DARE WITCH HUNTING HIM)

- Joe
commited a sin
thou who says !giveitem should be redeem at big gay
-law of teufort 4,9

:tank: Random name to bully me
-Spiral Spam
-Spiral maSsive asshole
-Spiral Cunt
-laripS maS
-Sum sum senpai
-spial blyat
:saviorsmanning: Quotes
-Volosium:sorry sum senpai
-monkey79:mute=no heal
-? Paradoxum:SPIRAL HAM :O - is there a history on it?
-me:i just like spiral staircase
-Elijah : tryhard asshold

:steamsalty::bouche: Salt :bouche::steamsalty:
-(Survivor) Wilt Dosney : hope u die cancer dog
-Dead Reckoning:Your words are just dirt under my shoes [Crawling in my skin Intesity]
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Personal Info
- Birthday : 5/19/1999
- First Name : Sammuel
- Last Name : Froster
- Nationality : Vietnam/United States

-Hello There,so you're here to report me for being too bad nor good?i don't care about that
-My Main/Favourite Games Are L4D2,TF2,Borderlands 2,Hitman And The Half life series
-I Hate People Insult Me When I Did A LITTLE F###ING Mistake
-Oh and i'm kinda good at bhop without micro and shit (most of the time)
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Hitman: Absolution

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284 hrs on record
last played on Apr 21
688 hrs on record
last played on Apr 21
76 hrs on record
last played on Apr 20
Crystal #TF2SP Mar 28 @ 5:52am 
Idk why tf he call me and Spiral are "stalkers"
Welp that’s sad ,I’ll ask him
Spiral Sam Mar 27 @ 10:35pm 
And I hope that the gift I sent to him/her is still in the Inventory
That's all.
Spiral Sam Mar 27 @ 10:34pm 
Ohhh,I get it. You're a friend of Norsk's
I don't hate him/her or anything but I just wanna know why He/Her calling Me and Crystal a "Stalker"
I sometime play on a MGE server And the fact that he think I am "stalkin"
That false,Since we're best friend in that time,I often Join his Server to play with him
And also I have said that "Hey can i join?" or something like that to Him/Her
I don't really know if it make Him/Her Triggered but He/Her didn't answer back
Spiral Sam Mar 27 @ 10:24pm 
ok chill dude,I don't really know why you are attacking me so much
It’s the *Suck My Paper Dicct