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Tear Down the Wall!

Defeat Berker in Campaign mode.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 2:06am

First Step

Complete your first mission successfully.
Unlocked Mar 2 @ 12:52pm

Desert Rat

Unlock the camp in the Desert biome.
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 3:17am

Green Energy

Build your first power generator using renewable energy, either a Solar Panel or a Aeolic Generator.
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 6:01am

Health Care

Have a functional treatment building for every possible injury or illness.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 2:07am


Cure 100 soldiers from an injury or disease.
Unlocked Mar 17 @ 12:34pm

There's something in those trees

Recover all territories in the Forest biome.
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 2:36am

Desert Power

Recover all territories in the Desert biome.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 2:04am

The 4 Pillars

Build all Skill trainings in a camp for the first time.
Unlocked Mar 2 @ 1:13pm


Take a loan for the first time.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 1:55am

Good payer

Fully repay your first loan.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 2:03am


Consume 15.000 among all resources in any of your games.
Unlocked Mar 4 @ 1:59am

Jantine, the Misfortunes of Evil

Defeat Jantine in Campaign Mode.
Unlocked Mar 3 @ 3:02am

No News is Good News

Defeat Helga in Campaign mode.


Defeat Dragan and complete Campaign mode.

Winter Soldier

Unlock the camp in the Snow biome.


Complete all the research in the Tech Tree.

People's Hero

Achieve 100% Popularity in every town on the map.


Accumulate 2.500.000 money in a Campaign game.

Attack of the Drones

Destroy 100 enemy drones with your defences.


Detect 50 enemy spies in your camp.


Train a recruit in the Supersoldier specialisation for the first time.

Perfect Soldier

Train a soldier until all stats are maxed out.

Outdoor Decorator

Build 100 decorative elements.

Crisis Committee

Successfully complete all of Julie's missions in Campaign mode.

Vive le Résistance

Successfully complete all of Charlie's missions in Campaign mode.


Have at least 20 soldiers managed by an instructor in the same camp.


Recover all territories in the Snow biome.


Get a population of 100 in any of your camps.

Property Bro

Construct 500 buildings between all your games.

Human Resources

Hire 350 soldiers or workers between all your games.

War Veteran

Successfully complete 200 missions in any of your games.

Training Camp

Build all possible types of speciality trainings.


Build 3.000 path units.