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Save your first customised livery
Unlocked May 15 @ 12:01pm

Long Jump

Jump 50m distance in a single jump
Unlocked Jun 19 @ 7:16am

Fast Cars and Fancy Cards

Customise and save your player card

Jack of All Trades

Complete one of every type of Career Event


Score 30,000 or higher in a Career Gymkhana event

Graduation Ceremony

Complete Chapter 1

Gonna Need New Tyres

Complete a 100m drift

Spare Some Change for Gas?

Drive 1,000 miles
22 / 1,000

Practice Makes Perfect

Complete 10 clean laps
0 / 10

Checks and Balances

Earn a total of $1,000,000
95,420 / 1,000,000

Blank Slate

Build and test your first Playground

Everyone's a Critic

Rate a Playground

Now I Am the Master

Complete the Superstar Finale of the Career

No Event Left Behind

Complete every Career Event
5 / 125


Reach level 50, becoming a Superstar
6 / 50

Extra Energy

Earn all 75 Stamps available in Energy
0 / 75


Beat Bulldozer

I'm Spinning Around

Complete the "Flying Lap" and the "Sprint Spiral" Sprint events

Full Charge

Drive 30 miles in the Porsche Taycan
0 / 30

A Wheely Big Finish

Complete the "Wheelspin" Gate Crasher Event

Dusk til Dawn

Earn all 75 Medals available in Uproar
0 / 75

In My Mirrors

Gain first place in one of the Main Events of Uproar

Light Entertainment

Complete the "Absolutely Smashing" Smash Attack event

The Duke

Drive 30 miles in the Duke Coupe Off Road Mod
0 / 30


Win a Multi-Class race in career
0 / 1

Main Course

Earn all 81 Stamps available in Super Size Career
0 / 81

No Half Measures

Gain 3 Stamps in one of the Main Events of Super Size Career

Shore Thing

Complete the "Rising Tide" and the "Surf n Turf" Brazil Land Rush events

Travelling in Style

Drive 30 miles in the Bentley Continental
0 / 30

Out of this World

Complete "Race Oddity" Gate Crasher Event

That's the Spirit!

Earn all 75 Stamps available in the Wild Spirits Career
0 / 75

The Grand Finale

Gain 3 Stamps in one of the Main Events of the Wild Spirits Career

Name that Dune

Complete the "Todra Trials" and the "Tinghir Tour" Morocco Stampede events

Wasteland Warrior

Drive 30 miles in the Prodrive Hunter
0 / 30

Cash Out

Complete "The Buy-In" Smash Attack event

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