R. Hunter   Dundee, Dundee City, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Former Jolt.co.uk TFC admin, Steambans admin and Multiplay TF2 admin.

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Hiyu I'm RoboCop, pleased to meet you all. I'm a former Admin-Mod coder, and vBulletin webmaster. I enjoy playin TFC, FA, TF2, and many more! I also enjoy retro gaming, cooking, sci-fi, 1980s' music, dietary skills and life science. I cannae help but play a wee bit of medic joy with a shotgun and show nae mercy! I hope you do invite me someday mainly on TF2 or TFC when I'm not so busy. Do feel free to invite me to a game I'm well familar with and please do post your comments - I WON'T come at sudden short notice, sorry.

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Smoker: Negative
Drinker: Negative

Profession: Biochemistry, Rookie C++ Coding, Linux Dedicated Server Management, and Human Anatomy.

WARNING: Any user that adds me, followed by removing or blocking me then ignoring me for no explanation why they remove me - due to their stubborn minds = PERM BLOCK! Try waiting until you feel like adding me if YOU think it is legitimate, I may not have the opportunity to talk to you since I am a very busy guy. If you choose not to chat to me if you feel left out or not bothered to say "hi" to me and then decide to remove/block me, then it is YOUR LOSS! I get ticked off if you remove me without a note and I don't really tolerate for any disloyalty and ignorant excuses.

Therefore, I am no longer accepting reckless random invites anymore. I'm no friend collector like you.

NOTE: I'm a workaholic and I always do what's right for myself, you and my friends. And I really do expect you understand that, as I've done lots of noble things. Scotland Forever!!

People who are open-minded, loyal, friendly assertive chats, sends me sensible comments.

Hackers, discrimination, delusional drama, real life casualties, cancer and people who are dark-hearted.

Contact me:-
Email: robocop@lycos.co.uk
3DS Friend Code: 5155-2912-9098
Nintendo Switch ID: SW-0325-1116-6142
Pokemon GO ID: 5367-7776-5595
YouTube account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv5_6xvzEMkFr82uf63dSHQ
Dailymotion account: http://www.dailymotion.com/robocop495
Rockstar Social Club ID: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/member/robocop495
EA ID Account: Hunter85-UK

Current ownerships of the following groups:-
[APG] (Created October 1, 2007)
Durandal Forever Fans (June 17, 2008)
Rock2 Fans (July 7, 2008)
Austin Rover Fans (November 27, 2008)
DoD Avalanche Fans (April 17, 2009)
Nomad FA Memorial (August 27, 2009)
Commodore-Amiga Fans (January 16, 2010)
RoboCop/Hunter1985 Fans (July 19, 2010)
Lycos, Inc. (December 17, 2011)

List of servers I played during the WON era:-

---Counter Strike 1.3/1.5---
BarrysWorld Dust
blueyonder.co.uk ff on
gamesdomain.co.uk CS 1.3
HomeLAN [C-D Req] (No Camping!)

---FireArms 2.4/2.5/2.6---
[YIS] FireArms
jolt.co.uk FA

---Team Fortress Classic---
BarrysWorld TF 1.5 2fort only
blueyonder TF1.5 dustbowl
HomeLAN [C-D Req]
jolt.co.uk 56k only
PC Zone Magazine TFC [Neo TF]
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This guide will add a Vulkan compatibility layer for D3D9. Now I've not tested on huge amount of Mods, but it seems to work fine. It does seem to have some FPS improvements, especially with the weather, reflection and shadow details at its max. But the res
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This is game is praised for finally being involved with the Earth race since I waited 10 years back in X-BTF for the "Return to Earth" storyline and flying on new Earth built ships. The GFX and quality is truly amazing and the controls are not bad.

Despite trying to climb up the slow learning curve, this game should be awarded and listed as the best unoffical successor to Elite or Frontier: Elite II, due to the high similarities.

Also, my retail version of this game had some bugs since I first bought it when it was on the market since it's debut. Bare in mind it isn't uncommon that most Modern games around in this decade, can have a dodgy headstart. So please make sure you report any important bugs to EgoSoft Forums provided. They cannot help you if you cannot explain the bug assertively and clearly to them.

And if you do decide to play a game like this, don't get committed to start a space campaign that you want to keep in the long term. Because EgoSoft made some changes back in X-Tension v1.4 near 2000 when my saves needed replaced for the TL class for X-Tension v2. And I won't be surprised that happened for X3TC when the patch reached to v3 onwards.

One very important note, if you use Money Cheat, Reputation Cheat or use Script Editor, you will no longer unlock achievements, so DON'T use any Cheats or Mods. Personally I use Money Cheat on this game predecessor as I really didn't want to waste time rebuilding my Space Empire and Reputation as that will take months - years even to complete this game. But this game is the best of all of the X-Series game so far, and it is more enhanced and easy-to-use in comparsion to X3: Reunion.

So my simple final advice is: No Money Cheat, no modifications and use the spoilers at your own risk for when you are totally stuck!
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[APG]RoboCop[CL] 9 października o 7:18 
@Karrq Grazie
Karrq 9 października o 2:56 
Just stumbled upon your profile. You like nice comments so I wanted to say hi! Enjoy your games
Jinssey 27 września o 5:41 
Then I dunno, I'm not interested in the matter.
Jinssey 26 września o 23:30 
Who dat
Banoffa [APG] 9 września o 2:50 
Hi bud ! Thanks for the gift - Mafia 2 !!! ... +++ REP !!! :)
studentscal 29 lipca o 16:54 
added to discuss about your tf2 servers