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The game is not perfect but very good. It'll of course be more attractive to those whole like the spy settings, not sure you should look at the game if you don't.

It's basically X-Com in the 80's where sneaking is key (not always possible and definitely not easy but still) and gives you a great feeling when pulled off right.
The time you spend studying the map and trying to get your guys out alive makes you care more about them.
Story is good so far and the clue mini game while not oustanding really works well here.
The main issues right now (I did not encounter any bug but some other people seem to experience crashes?) are mostly with combat or the combat triggers.
Enemies can snipe you from the other side of the map if they manage to get a line of sight (even if this line of sight is through 2 houses and a truck), the IA cheats to rush to your location (rather than using last known location) and it's pretty obvious during ambushes, you can't knock inconscious everyone without raising doubts but if a civilian sees you then the whole complex runs the alarms which can lead to some frustrating moments.
It's not easy either and you should not hesitate to lower difficulty if you find the game too frustrating (easy mode has the right amount of difficulty imho)

Aside of that it's a blast and anyone on the fence can plunge right in. But don't expect to go all in guns blazing, remember combat is to be used to get you out of a situation more than the goto tactic

edit: I'll add that some negative reviews are plain wrong. You can hide dead bodies (although they just disappear) you can carry dead enemy agents (just not regular guards), there are penalties for killing civilians.
The game is stealth based and in the current state (difficulty) it's better to be ready to reload often in combat to avoid some frustration, especially early on when your agents are still green. Eventually you'll get to understand how each map is supposed to be played like a puzzle, the goal is to reach the target without being seen.