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I do not accept friendrequests from people with a private profile, private inventory or without any items of my interest.
Any form of scam is pointless, I will detect 'em all.

I joined the game dead - Devlin
It's like joining a game by disconnecting - Sandis 28/9 - 2019
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Any form of scam is pointless, I will detect 'em all.

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Founded 27th November 2017

Running SvenskCS with my Girlfriend.

We have many different servers, you can find them all at


And watching streams.

Best streams out there: -> Best for trading advice and price checks! :spoon: -> Amazing stream. Chill af <3 :dealwithit:



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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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mastermeir 26 бер о 3:24 
How much for the SourceBans star dark theme?
Add me or comment on my profile to reply so i see it.
ducky momo 18 бер о 22:33 
Source Bans star theme dark mode?
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Bob420 13 гру 2019 о 15:59 
+rep very friendly and hates black people <3
Mackan | 27 лис 2019 о 12:37 
Signed by the most ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ person in the world :D

hey, it me
How did I 25 лис 2019 о 11:38 
Signed By Tilted ^^'
Give me The A :)