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Stranded Deep
Another survival Early access title on steam.
Stranded Deep has been in Early access for 3 years now in Jan 23. (This is written 11-03-2018)
If you don't want to read everything skip to Final words

Graphics: Really beautiful graphics, it makes the game feel realistic and the water is a pleasure to watch.

Repetitive gameplay: You go to an island, get loot, survive, build a base. Guess what happens next... you go to another island to get more loot to survive and build on your meaningless base.

No end goal: You're just trying to stay alive all the time for what? you can't be rescued and you can't really do anything else then going to another island to loot it and explore. As i mentioned earlier, Repetitive gameplay. But if you like that type of gameplay fine, but for me and probably other people, we doesn't like that type gameplay.

Personal thoughts: I was in a 1 hour game when i was just about to save when my material fell in the water, i thought that wasn't such a big problem, when i jump into the water and reach the bottom to grab my stuff the water that was clear and see throught turned completely black so i tried to swim to the surface. When i reached the surface it was still completely black and i knew that i reached the surface because first i could hear it and the "air-bar thing" disappeared. I couldn't find land because i couldn't see anything and it was really hard to stay above the surface, i tried to stay alive until i drowned 5 min later. The material that fell into the water was sadly the material that i was going to make a shelter of to save.

This thing has happend more then one time when i was swimming and i have died everyting, because the "black screen bug" doesn't disappear. I don't even know if this is a bug or if im stupid and it's some kind of game mechanic.

I doesn't like how harsh the game is when it comes to saving because it has happen to me alot of times when i haven't saved or i simply couldn't save (for a long time) that i have gotten killed by a shark or by a stupid crab. I think have died more times to a gang of crabs then by a shark...

Making your own island is more fun then playing survival, but survival can be chill sometims.

Final words: I strongly doesn't recommend this game to someone that doesn't want a repetitive survival game, if the game comes out of Early access and still have this gameplay and features it's not worth buying.

This is my opinion you can agree with me or not, feel free to change my mind about this game if you want to.
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