Ryan   Cote D'ivoire (Ivory Coast)

Big Biceps Butler: I should email chigga
Big Biceps Butler: like yo
Big Biceps Butler: u need a pt?
Big Biceps Butler: man could make u look like 50 cent in bullet proof vest
Ry4N: he could bench your nan
Ry4N: fuck off
Big Biceps Butler: could he fuck
Big Biceps Butler: arms like cheese strings
Ry4N: wow
Ry4N: cause he's yellow?
Big Biceps Butler: ye
Ry4N: racist cunt

Ry4N: you abuse women?
Big Biceps Butler: noooooooooooo
Big Biceps Butler: I respect all women
Big Biceps Butler: banter
Big Biceps Butler: fk women
Ry4N: init
Big Biceps Butler: upo the gender gap
Big Biceps Butler: lesser humans
Ry4N: wait what
Ry4N: lol
Big Biceps Butler: nothing

Big Biceps Butler: wtf is in my shreddies
Big Biceps Butler: making my farts stink proper bad

Bandej: I’m not sure what you are
[43rdQL] Ry4N: lmao
Bandej: Something between conservative and authatarian
Bandej: Or possibly liberalism
[43rdQL] Ry4N: im conservative
Bandej: Hm from the way you talk about politics yes
[43rdQL] Ry4N: but im all for a slight authority
Bandej: But from your compass your more of a authoritarianism
Bandej: Mixed with liberalism
Bandej: Being a authoritarianism is not the same as being authoritarian on the compass
[43rdQL] Ry4N: look...
[43rdQL] Ry4N: just get the brexit papers signed
Bandej: I’m really struggling spelling these words
[43rdQL] Ry4N: and get them out
Bandej: Hahaha

Ry4N: say sorry or i get my dad to hack you
doneloge :~): ill knock jhim out
Ry4N: ft7 with my dad?
Ry4N: KSI andlogan paul step aside pls
doneloge :~): he woudnt last 7 rounds
Ry4N: my dad used to kill rice farmers back in nam, he can do the same to potato farmers
doneloge :~): ill blow up ur dad whens hes collecting welfare
Ry4N: your dad sells Avon and your mum shops at jackamo kid

Dusan confirmed Bosnian?

Dusan: but
Dusan: tell me
Dusan: https://www.fsegames.eu/forum/index.php?topic=35826.0 why AM I not in ze german list#
Dusan: I was best 2014
Ry4N: cuz there's no bosnian list
Dusan: true

[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: OI
[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: TS
[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: NOW
[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: ITS URGANT
[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: QUICK
[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: OR SOMEONE WILL DIE
[33rd] Ry4N <3 butler my dad: Also... gf in 15
WorstNANickCole is now Away.

[33rd] Mighty Irish Man
no pls
u were so cute giving me the promotion bless ya
[33rd] Mighty Irish Man
you were my first <3 #neverforget
[33rd] Mighty Irish Man

(boost my ego pls)

lonedoge <3 fwufiiii :>: u done well
lonedoge <3 fwufiiii :>: u understand how gfs and how to play
lonedoge <3 fwufiiii :>: just can see ur nervous
lonedoge <3 fwufiiii :>: ull be insane with more hours
Ry4N: awww bby xoxox
Ry4N: thanks
Ry4N: i tried
Ry4N: u played v well today
Ry4N: carried hard a[art from ping
lonedoge <3 fwufiiii :>: ukranian ddosers
Ry4N: yip, marxeil sweating more than butler in a school

Golden: you were playing really fucking god
Golden: good*
Golden: today
Ry4N: eh, was ok... few mistakes.... lonedoge was lagging and i was playing next to him so he did some unexpected stuff early
Ry4N: got picked a few times by marxeil
Ry4N: he made some strange lunges
Ry4N: managed to stay a bit calmer but was still shaking haha
Golden: yeah but you played insane for 300 hrs
Ry4N: im trying haha
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