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Posted: Jan 1 @ 6:16am

An absolutely fantastic programming challenge!
The game gives you "simple" mechains that are very easy to understand. Hack the user, grow it's money, steal it's money, weaken it's security.
SIMPLE RIGHT?! Now automate it! And make the script that uses these mechanics to it's fullest potential. While the mechanics are simple, automating them and understanding the math behind them is not. And that's why I love this game.

There are a lot of things to do and a lot of ways to play the game:
-Play without code, grind for stats and rely on offline progression
-Go the nerdy hacky way (like I do)
-Become a criminal, kill people, joing a gang. An entirely separate route
-Solve "coding contracts" for bonus currency.
-Automate LITTERALY EVERYTHING or play actively
-Look into the source code of the game and exploit it!
this game has a lot of things to do

BUT here are some negative points
-I didn't expect this game to be an idler. So much time is spent just waiting. (I'd say 150 hours of my 226)
-After playing for 226 hours I didn't find a good way to get "rep", even If I do everything I can, even if I have perfect script, I still won't gain rep fast enough. It is a bottleneck and (in my honest opinion) the only flaw in the design of the game.
-You might be VERY overwhelmed by the game's documentation. There's A LOT. While it's FANTASTIC that there is documentation for this game in the first place, the size of it is terrifying.

It's a great game, give it a try. You'll understand after 30 or so minutes if it's your type of game or not

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