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For a game I have played for less than an hour, ORION: Dino Horde left a lasting expression on me. Not the kind of lasting expression that leaves a pleasent taste in your mouth, like tasting Auntie Anne's fresh home-brewed strawberry lemonade, more like the the type of expression that horribly scarrs you for the rest of your life.

I bought this game for a very steep price, like, dirt dirt cheap. I could have bought gum instead of this game, if that puts in perspective. This game, unlike gum, did not leave a good taste in my mouth, and I'm pretty sure a piece of Trident layers would have lasted me longer than this game.

Upon launching, I was greeted with a nearly 780 FPS loading screen, which subsequently dropped to an FPS of about 20. I can run solitaire at a good 25 FPS, so this game had no excuse. When entering the very first game ever with one of my friends who I talked into buying this game, promising him we can shoot dinosaurs in the face until the early morning. He called me a nerd, and he was right. I was a nerd who was sucked into this game under promises of shooting dinosaurs and having fun.

My hopes were smashed, and upon dying to a lag-spiked Triceratops who appeared to be doing the thriller, I called the game "bad." My friend also agreed, telling me I sucked quite an exorbant amount of male genitalia for making him buy this game. Alas, he was true. I do suck.

Not as much as this game though.

Posted June 20, 2014.
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I got this game for free from the Mac promotion, played it for an hour and then left it alone for about a year. Then, once I picked the game back up, I always saw myself playing the game when I wanted a quick time waster.

The game is perfect for what what it was made to address: gamers who want something casual to play for a bit (and sometimes longer) that does not require too much to run. Faerie Solitaire is great, just don't expect a AAA-tier game for what you pay for.

To be honest, unless you can get the game for less than five dollars, you really shouldn't buy it. Ten dollars is quite a bit, but since I got this game for free then I can't really hate on the price tag.

Make sure to put the game down after an hour or two of gameplay, because trust me, this is pretty addicting. Once I was waiting for a flight and managed to get four hours on this game and almost missed the flight. Be careful to not let the dark faerie's corrupt your mind. (Lame joke, 1/10 please don't laugh at it)
Posted April 20, 2014.
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This game is literally insane. You'll dodge (and most likely fail to dodge) rockets, beams, gunfire and tesla balls all in a matter of minutes. You'll get a huge hammer that somehow has ammo and smash other nerds into little pieces in the blink of an eye. You'll see a fat ♥♥♥♥♥ lady twerk on your corpse, and even though you are seconds away from throwing up, you hold it in long enough to see her gun's name is called "Meat Dongle."

This game is great for those wanting something new in the shooter genre. Loadout is all about the guns you use, which is really the first time I've seen this in the shooter genre. Plus, it adds a whole bunch of wacky-dangerous customizations that will either leave your opponents with a.) severed limbs or b.) loss of dignity.

Pick this game up, play it, and don't even pay for it. I mean, you can if you want, but money does not affect gameplay what-so-ever. The only thing money is used for is taunts and clothing. I mean, you can even fight naked if you want, no big deal.
Posted February 12, 2014.
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This game is insanely fun and addicting. Singleplayer gets boring, but when you're in a group in multiplayer and everyone is trying to race to get to the items first and you're just sitting there maiing houses everywhere to help them. Fun game, buy it, play it, replace TF2 with it.
Posted December 6, 2013.
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But no joke once someone declares war there is basically no way to stop playing until one of you is dead. I don't recommend playing this game if you have somehwere to go, because right when you want to stop Gandhi nukes you, and you aren't going to let that ♥♥♥♥♥♥ live, even if you have something better to do.
Posted November 29, 2013.
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