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Skial Admin/Steamrep Community Admin so if you have problems with either I'm here to solve them for you.

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Juce 28 DIC 2020 a las 12:54 p. m. 
add me pls
General jruokis the Merciless 2 AGO 2020 a las 11:07 a. m. 
+Rep Scourge of the battlefield :samuraiwarior:
[~ĐĐ~] Krampus 4 ABR 2019 a las 9:57 p. m. 
Sorry I called you out, you don't see many new faces on that server. And someone who's "new" and received some spectated questionable hits, gave me cause to call you out.
Jancias 1 ABR 2019 a las 9:45 a. m. 
Hey there, there's an impersonator of you, who seems to be working with this guy:

The impersonator's profile:
bladeDivac 31 MAR 2019 a las 6:19 p. m. 
Thanks for the heads up my dudes
Super Saiyan Swag 31 MAR 2019 a las 1:32 p. m.