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BoPoe Sep 25 @ 11:50am 
+rep CEO of Heavy
Sir Bitebo | SwG Sep 17 @ 7:24am 
Hello friend I was wondering if I could get some items signed by yourself to go along side a few i have.
Demo Samedi Jul 16 @ 10:23am 
Hello! i'l like to use ur cosmetic "Ursa Major" For make Rabid Heavy Boss In tf2, Can i have that files please?
GmodViolet Jun 28 @ 4:39am 
Hello there! I'd like to use your cosmetic called "Ursa Major" for a picture. Can I have the files for it, please? I'll credit you for it.
undivided attention Jun 1 @ 12:11pm 
me May 25 @ 9:06am 
I wanted to try it