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[10:42:53 PM] (Channel) Seaking: After long hours of meditation and significant contemplation, I have decided that Sunny D is the alpha beverage of all beverages. Please refrain from consuming anything less than the great and glorious liquid rays from the sun. You're welcome.

pokemonizepic: my boi david "ruelel" breen, sweats day and night (shower? maybe) to get laid, hes been working out and working on his grades to later become a millionare to buy all the things for his future. I would have you consider you exgage in a sexual relationship, for he is the a heavy main, and at one point was decent at scout. Everyone knows heavy mains are very sexy ;;;))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
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sD_Taylor Apr 23 @ 7:54pm 
lets get rue out on to a tray...nice
3.6 roentgen Apr 21 @ 9:24pm 
fast and bulbous Apr 5 @ 10:48pm 
let's get this onto a tray. nice!