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California, United States
                                       It's not gay if it's a trannie
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-Want to add me?-
≫You must be level 5+ if you are unassociated with anything I do.
≫If you spam or frequently invite me to games without reason, I will unadd you.
≫Similar above, if you invite me to a game I do not own, I will probably unadd you.
≫Any harassment will result in a block and a report to steam if it's substantial enough.

-Personal Biz-
⋗Name: Ki Murphy
⋗Gender: Trans-female. Yes, she/her tyvm.
⋗Age: 17
⋗Location: Southern California. Hot and dry, help.
⋗Status: Taken
⋗Beliefs: Anti-Theistic Skeptical Atheist

-Online Biz-
⊳THAB: The Hundread Acre Bloodbath is a grouping of 25+ gamemodes on Garry's Mod, with a relatively nicely sized community that fluctuates here and there. I joined back in November of 2014, and have loved the journey since. (I'm Head Admin on there btw)
⊳Mafi: Social Hub: My lil Discord server with 130-ish people. We have fun.

-Online Statuses-
⊸In-Game: I will probably not respond to you immediately, but will get to you eventually.
⊸Online: Free to talk if you need something.
⊸Away: I will respond to you once I get back online.
⊸Busy: I won't respond to a message until I'm back online.
⊸Offline: Same as Away.
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J_wolfpawn May 30 @ 11:17pm 
Engineer Player May 28 @ 6:52am 
haha funny gay joke haha
☁ Olivia54679 вυηηу Mar 7 @ 6:06pm 
Just thought I’d pop in and say I appreciate you bb
SMILE Nov 14, 2017 @ 4:34pm 
Stop getting kills let my team win
Leche Aug 1, 2017 @ 1:06pm