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Royal Flush   Kinross, Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Hello and Welcome to my profile :beth:
Winning UGC Gold consistently since '97 8))
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Playing Engineer for Smuggs (ETF2L High)
Also Subbing for Xenon (UGC Platinum)

Previous Experience-
R&SW- Steel Season 9 (Sniper)
Chromosone Crew- Season 10-13 (Steel-Silver-Goldx2) (Engi)
Lets Win Godl- Season 14 Gold Winner! + Season 15 Plat (Engi)
Beyblade Bonanza Extravaganza- Season 16 Gold Winner! (Engi)
Godl Medel- Season 19 Gold Winner! (Engi)
Xenon- Season 22 Plat (Sub all-class)

#Smashing!- Season 4 (Div 6 Winner) (Engi)
Hobps- Season 5 (Div 5) (Engi) + 3v3 Sniping tourney (semi-finalists) 8)
Scottish National Highlander Team- Season 3 (Engi)
Godl Medel- Season 6 (Div 3 Winner) (Engi)
Ivory Highlander- Open Season 8 (Heavy)
Scottish National Highlander Team- Season 4 (Engi)
[Played for TC Frosties at the end of Season 9 Mid (Engi)]
Banterlads- Season 10 Open (All-class Sub)
Godl Medel- Season 11 High (Engi)
Scottish National Highlander Team- Season 5 (Engi)
Smuggs- Season 13 High (Engi)

BMW- Season 17 (Div 6) (Sub Scout
TEZC | Souder Society- Season 19 (Div 6) (Medic)
(Engineer Apostles- Season 20 early fold)
(Running Gag- Season 21 early fold)

BBW- Season 13 (Steel) (Scout)
Giel and the 9wiels - Season 17-22 (Steelx5-Gold-Plat) (all class)

Maple Flavoured Stingrays- NA Iron Season 10
Fellowship of the Ping- NA Steel Season 13

<3s- old and new
Cakeduck, Sploit, Smarties, Dillon, Lava, Sneaky, Teatime, Calum, Divi, Magikarp, O'men, Redwood, Wombat, Aka, Archangel, Conne, Cloudy, Neon, Marten, Mickey, Max, Hatake, Derakusa, Dyawyb, Dragonce, Pothenar, Forty-Two, Walnut, Fizz, Pete, Koippa, Metso, Jääkarhu, Alex-the-Mayor, Temrane, Link, Chilly, Kippy, Kimo, Johannes, Dania, Sir, Stavoh, Diet-Cans, Liko, Doktor, Tails, Mr.Freak, Extrasolar, Hammock, Simply-Bob, Stephen, Gilan, Bonesponge, Zodiak, Eatable, Lefty, Sam, Demoko, Figoravn, Slushy, Dowel, Lyre, Derpy, Cam, Brad, Speedy, Extremist

Plus everyone else I met over my long time playing videogames (I am sure I forgot some people :)))

Officials (rip Leif)
* You will pay for your sacrilege changed name to Sac from the anime
* [SWE] Hellsponge changed name to Hellsponge from the anime [JAP]
* Clårk the enginer changed name to Clårk from the anime
* (1)neon changed name to neon from the anime
* Villdjack changed name to Villdjack from the anime
* Aoshi Merc | changed name to Aoshi From the Anime
* Xarks changed name to Xarks from the anime
* Royal Flush changed name to Royal from the anime ♫
Polarium : fucking co-ordinated rofl
Starshot =) : Pls no.
Ribbons : why do you bully
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I love this community:

Achievement of tf2:
Royal Flush : 186 (hours), stopped maining sniper though
<NUT> Meadows : you're good, I was expecting much higher than that

C² Royal Flush: by the way the scrim has been cancelled to due to many players not being able to play
C² Little Mickey: Good because Im wasted
C² Little Mickey: I can hardly see the screen

(On a highlander scrim with an NA Iron Team)
The Fun Ends Here : im gonna go look for a mic brb

(During a EU steel official after fixing from a 6s etf2l config)
[Doméstos] TehCookieKing : I still can't use the red tape

(in response to
C² Maxxx❤:
(Same vid)
stephen: HAHAH
stephen: this guy is autism incarnate

StonerStereotype : I feel bad that the only way I can kill you is if you fuck up
[ESC] Danug pug : lol
Royal Flush : who do you mean?
StonerStereotype : King shit
Royal Flush : me then?
StonerStereotype : yup
Royal Flush : gonna take that as a compliment
StonerStereotype : More than anything yes

Mr.Brick : royal i need you bushman hat
Royal Flush : my bushman hat...?
Mr.Brick : yes
Royal Flush : the boonie...?
Royal Flush : the bills...?
Royal Flush : ?
Mr.Brick : 1key
Royal Flush : for...?
Mr.Brick : 1key
Royal Flush : what hat
Royal Flush : the one i am wearing?
Mr.Brick : royal tare
Mr.Brick : trade
Royal Flush : what do you want?
Royal Flush : the hat i am wearing?
Mr.Brick : i want bushman hat
Royal Flush : which one
Mr.Brick : i give you for hat 1 key
Royal Flush : which hat?
Mr.Brick : yes
Mr.Brick : bushman hat i want
Royal Flush : ...
Royal Flush : which hat?
StonerStereotype : Someone take his keyboard
Mr.Brick : yes

|SS| Derpy Star: fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

|SS| Captain Canada: Well
|SS| Captain Canada: This is going well.
Royal Flush: hmm?
|SS| Captain Canada: I'm eating dinner with girls.
Royal Flush: you nailed any yet?
|SS| Captain Canada: Hell yes.
|SS| Captain Canada: All three to be exact
|SS| Captain Canada: And two guys…

Royal Flush: also, which maps do you want to play?
playground tactics: What's the first weeks map?
Royal Flush: granary i believe
Royal Flush: or if you include presesson
playground tactics: Fuck
Royal Flush: borneo
playground tactics: What an awful map
Royal Flush: yeah
playground tactics: Fuck
playground tactics: Even worse
Royal Flush: 2nd weeks is gravelpit
playground tactics: I swear the UGC admins have downs
playground tactics: Hollllly fuck
playground tactics: It just gets worse and worse

Cyanis3: that shit is bull

Cyanis3: erm lol my mum just called me a social failer apparently i need to talk to real people socilize and not talk to robot people on th internet. "thanks for the support mum"
Cyanis3: i am being serious
Cyanis3: thats what she just sent me
Cyanis3: *said to me
Cyanis3: apparently ive to stop playing computer games and talking to you and become popular

Mickey McDildohat: whatever you diecide Ill suppoert the desicion
Royal Flush: alright, thanks :)
Mickey McDildohat: now leave me alone Im a bit drunk
Royal Flush: i gathered that, sorry if i interupted anything
Mickey McDildohat: youinterrupted me almost throwing up
Royal Flush: alright, have fun with the rest of your night if you can
Mickey McDildohat: Im going to die
Mickey McDildohat: and after that Im going to bone Smarties

Royal Flush LF Heavy UGC Silver: which team are you joining, theirs?
[T-A!] Hatake: i like females

stephen: mate
C² Royal Flush #Smashing!: hi
stephen: i can fuck this bird
stephen: or go out with a fitter bird
stephen: but this bird wants to fuck me
stephen: so
stephen: ip dip do
stephen: a or b
stephen: ive decided
stephen: u pick for me
C² Royal Flush #Smashing!: hmm, can the fitter bird wait a day or so?
stephen: just pick a or b
stephen: nigga
C² Royal Flush #Smashing!: let me find a coin
stephen: ite
stephen: i know which one id prefer head from
stephen: ))))))))))))
C² Royal Flush #Smashing!: coin says tails, so b
stephen: ok im gonna fuck the girl
stephen: on wednesday
stephen: thanks
C² Royal Flush #Smashing!: np
stephen: can u be my life mentor
stephen: i will teech u solly
stephen: u teech me life
stephen: cause i have so much possible fanny
stephen: i cant possibly fuck it all

NYGA: i need cards
NYGA: ma
NYGA: i no have card me mom kill me
NYGA: hep
NYGA: help]
Royal Flush: umm
NYGA: help pls
NYGA: sell me cards for 2.22

BetaBox : I ask for consent before I rape.
BetaBox : The answer doesn't really make a difference though.

Cyanis3#MadCosBad: luckly i have you to metor me and thats the only reason i am half oggd
Royal Flush: dat spelling
Royal Flush: fuck me
Cyanis3#MadCosBad: o know

Royal Flush:
Royal Flush: think i should get this?
Royal Flush: da hair yo
Sneaky²: MATE
Sneaky²: FUCK YES

Tinkerbell is my bea: I'm in line to meet Tinkerbell
Tinkerbell is my bea: I am going to mate with her.
Tinkerbell is my bea: She is my favourite.

Ewoking Dead: i got abit distracted with southpark
Ewoking Dead: even though it is an anime
Ewoking Dead: isnt it

XxX-SickStabbs-XxX: ill tell you all about it tomorow but for now i will proberly go get a bath and have a wank as it has been 4 days xD

Mickey McFancypants: why is goddamn Dillon our group picture?
Royal Flush: made a temporary group pic
Royal Flush: he was the best candidate
Royal Flush: cause all the shoes
Mickey McFancypants: yeah he is one sexy beast

Crawling Chaos: Well my acievements of tf2 include
Crawling Chaos: Not spelling Achievements properly
Royal Flush: a+
Crawling Chaos: Talking to royal flush man one a month
Crawling Chaos: And eating all the sharesize chocolates
Royal Flush: not bad
Crawling Chaos: How do i sharesize someojne
Crawling Chaos: srs
Royal Flush: lemme google that
Crawling Chaos: ty
Crawling Chaos: Also
Crawling Chaos: I coded at least 8 number is C++ today
Crawling Chaos: Fuck yes
Royal Flush: living the dream
Crawling Chaos: Siorry
Crawling Chaos: It's too late for me
Crawling Chaos: 21:24 is my bed tine
Crawling Chaos: TIME
Crawling Chaos: JESUS CHRIST
Crawling Chaos: I AM POTATO

<NUT> Jääkarhu raur #newmouse: i dont know hy im suppose to ask this but ok
<NUT> Jääkarhu raur #newmouse: how the anime "Cat Planet Cuties" is going
Royal Flush: well
Royal Flush: it is a long story
Royal Flush: to why i am watching it
<NUT> Jääkarhu raur #newmouse: pls tell
Royal Flush: basically
Royal Flush: souder mentioned it a while ago
Royal Flush: and sploit, another dude guy majig said it was practically hentai
Royal Flush: so souder messages me last night in the mood to watch it
Royal Flush: so i thought why not
Royal Flush: this shit b mad yo
Royal Flush: they got guns everywhere
Royal Flush: there is more guns than fanservice
Royal Flush: and there is a ton of fanservice at that
<NUT> Jääkarhu raur #newmouse: hmmm gunhentai you say=
<NUT> Jääkarhu raur #newmouse: c-can you link it to me?

harv | : cant
harv | : watching lesbians
Royal Flush: haha
harv | : wut
harv | : fuck
harv | : wrong person

USS Jim E. Russel: Was actually tempted at making a run for gold this season, but I just decided to stick at silver

Teatime: I want to fuck you
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More banter, not selling shizz

___Jääkarhu's Corner____

Royal Flush: so
Royal Flush: i just got sent this
Royal Flush: vanilka?: LIAR
Royal Flush: uwot
vanilka?: UVIRGIN
Royal Flush: D:
vanilka?: liar!
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: so
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: your a virgin
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: oh damn
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: i still have a chance

<NUT> Jääkarhu: but seriously this is so fucked up feeling
<NUT> Jääkarhu: its like somebodys trying to tickle your throat with their mini dick
<NUT> Jääkarhu: shoving it in deeper
Royal Flush: mm
<NUT> Jääkarhu: but cant cuz it's so small and it ends up tickling you
Royal Flush: quite a saucy scene
Royal Flush: cant deny
<NUT> Jääkarhu: wait shit
<NUT> Jääkarhu: LOL NO

<NUT> Jääkarhu: ok the plus side on them is that alot of semen isnt coming out when u wank them
<NUT> Jääkarhu: so there's that always

(After establishing Maxx's identity)
Royal Flush:
Royal Flush: I DID IT
Royal Flush: >maxx irl
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: ...........................
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: WHAT
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: THE
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: FUCK
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: NIGGA
Royal Flush: this took me a lot of effort to find :(((
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: LMAO
Royal Flush: and a lot of dodgy searches
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: THIS IS
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: AUTISM
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: IN GOOD
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: AND BAD WAY
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: WHAT THE FUCK
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: OH GOD
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: MY MOM
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: JUST WALKED
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: AHAHAH
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: OMGH
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: SHE
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: AHAHAHA
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: FFS
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: THIS FUCKING LIFE
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: THIS
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: I CANT EVEN VTRYPE
Royal Flush: i did it
Royal Flush: so proud
Royal Flush: hf explaining this one
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: LAUGHING MY ASS OUT
<NUT> Jääkarhu Mix/Merc: TOO MUCH AUTISM

vanilka?: are u good in CSGO?
(not so) Royal Flush: nope
vanilka?: so..
vanilka?: you are good
vanilka?: great
vanilka?: i need to gold nova
vanilka?: rank in csgo

Maxieeeeeee: imma voice changer this bitch
Maxieeeeeee: im going to be a female for the game
Maxieeeeeee: is this okay?
Royal Flush: sure
Royal Flush: you will be the 2nd female in there
Maxieeeeeee: hwo else
Maxieeeeeee: is she fit
Maxieeeeeee: does she have a bf
Maxieeeeeee: ;))))

(Trying to get Kimo to sub for Hobps)
Royal Flush: we got a girl...if that means anything
[GC]Kimo [DK]: I'm not that immature
Royal Flush: damn
[GC]Kimo [DK]: I'm not Giel

Royal Flush: any plans for what you want to do as a job?
Cakeduck 16.4: mcdonalds essentially
Cakeduck 16.4: i need to work there
Cakeduck 16.4: it's one of my life goals

Royal Flush:
( •ᴗ•) is now Online.
Royal Flush: you want to listen to my mixtape bruh?
( •ᴗ•): Kids could have gotten burnt
( •ᴗ•): Cuz of dat fire in mixtape

Weezer: call me an sploit then
Weezer: I wanna hear him breath.

Teatime ♥: oh wait
Teatime ♥: I need my bible
Teatime ♥: brb

tem: im drunk fuck me

(Aliasing as "help learn me russian")
Doktor: also if you ever actually wanna talk to a real chill russian
Doktor: like if youre actually serious
Doktor: I know a guy
Doktor: otherwise keep memeing
help learn me russian: hahaha
help learn me russian: i am memeing
help learn me russian: but thanks for the offer
Doktor: thought so

(Sploit playing- NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4)
Royal Flush: what a game name
Royal Flush: that Naruto game has
Royal Flush: so much caps use
sploitiboi: i'm in the middle of battle
sploitiboi: i will become hokage

Royal Flush: "I am silver 4; I should be gold nova"
Royal Flush: -Dillon 2016
sploitiboi: last i talked to him he said he was silver 1
sploitiboi: i didn't even think that was possible

Royal Flush LFT High: hello videogamer
i need player for team: wag1
i need player for team: u want to fucc in new t3am ?
i need player for team:
Royal Flush LFT High: sounds sexy ;)
i need player for team: aok
i need player for team: leaf old tim boi
Royal Flush LFT High: for reference
i need player for team: yea
Royal Flush LFT High: is this an actual offer or meme?
Royal Flush LFT High: you a sexy boi, so I am curious
i need player for team: real offwer lmaooo
i need player for team: WHAT U HIGH LFT I THOUGHT U MID
Royal Flush LFT High: I can be whatever you want me to be ;))
i need player for team: my daddy ? :D
Royal Flush LFT High: of course :)
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poyo poyo
WIND OF YELLOW MINERAL Aug 6, 2017 @ 7:20am 
n e e d a m o n s t e r t o c l o b b e r t h a t t h e r e k i r b y
Cronk Dec 12, 2016 @ 1:42pm 
Royal please accept schedule change THANKS
tomato_puree2005 Aug 21, 2016 @ 5:14am 
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Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are
Le Medium Feb 11, 2016 @ 1:43am 
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Peterlicious Nov 11, 2015 @ 2:15pm 
Yo so your skype status will be valid again pretty soon, just noticed that.
Hit me up at some point tho m8 :))