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9:33 PM - Ratboy: Dude I'm going to give you some advice
9:33 PM - Ratboy: And I'm going to give it to you for free
9:33 PM - Ratboy: Never believe a word that retard says

7:42 PM - Ratboy: Did you see some footage from the st Louis shootout
7:43 PM - Ratboy: rioters were using like the cantabrian circle from total war with their cars while shooting at cops

4:38 PM - Drifter Roy: do you have something to say to me
4:38 PM - twitler: what
4:38 PM - Drifter Roy: It starts with an h and ends in an appy birthday
4:39 PM - twitler: hope you die of heart disease appy birthday

7:40 PM - SerJake [SOTR]: is this legal
7:40 PM - Drifter Roy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8H1gx2-WK4s

12:38 AM - [HL] Meli [HB]: when you're tapping the back of the nutella jar to get that last bit of chocolate out
12:39 AM - [HL] Meli [HB]: but then you hit a nerve on your hand and nearly spill all the chocolate
12:39 AM - [HB] Roy [HL]: kill yourself
12:40 AM - [HL] Meli [HB]: no need, this amount of nutella will give me diabetes by the time I'm 25

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