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Personal Achievements

Rising Threat

Complete Rising Threat.

Black Sky

Complete Black Sky.

Operation Port Armor

Complete Operation Port Armor.

Operation Burn Water

Complete Operation Burn Water.

Operation Dark Quarry

Complete Operation Dark Quarry.

Operation Black Flag

Complete Operation Black Flag.

Operation Blood Storm

Complete Operation Blood Storm.

The Longest Day

Complete all Single Player missions on Veteran.

Operation Taken Dagger

Complete Operation Taken Dagger.

Operation Phoenix

Complete Operation Phoenix.

Operation D-Con

Complete Operation D-Con.

Operation Deep Execute

Complete Operation Deep Execute.

Targets of Opportunity

Complete all ship boarding side missions.

Operation Safe Harbor

Complete Operation Safe Harbor.

Operation Pure Threat

Complete Operation Pure Threat.

Operation Grave Robber

Complete Operation Grave Robber.

Operation Sudden Death

Complete Operation Sudden Death.

Operation Trace Kill

Complete Operation Trace Kill.

Top Gun

Complete all Jackal-only side missions.

New Gun Collector

Scan your first weapon!

Serious Gun Collector

Scan 10 weapons.

Gun Nut

All weapons scanned.

Peace to the Fallen

Listened to all of the death letters of the fallen.

Make it Personal

Load out with a custom weapon.

Gear Up

Find your first equipment upgrade.

Fully Equipped

Earn all equipment upgrades.

Fangs Out

Earn your first Jackal item (weapon or upgrade).

Jackal Ace

Earn all Jackal weapons and upgrades.

Ante Up

Get your first kill on the most-wanted board.

Aces High

Clear half of the most-wanted board.

Royal Flush

All SDF Aces and Captains killed.

Danger Close

Kill 15 enemies with a zero G grappling hook.

Captain's Log

Use the computer in the Captain's office.

Sticker Collector

In Spaceland, find all of the quest items and complete the sticker pack.

Sooooul Key

In Spaceland, recover the piece of the Soul Key.

The Bigger They Are

In Spaceland, defeat 5 Brutes in one game without dying.

Rock On!

In Spaceland, craft a Weapon of Rock.

Get Packed

In Spaceland Pack-A-Punch a weapon.

Batteries Not Included

In Spaceland, create an Exquisite Core.

Insert Coin

In Spaceland, play every Arcade game at least once.

Brain Dead

In Spaceland, play 30 games and get to scene 10.


Win 5 online matches in Multiplayer.


In Rave in the Redwoods, recover the piece of Soul Key.

Super Slacker

In Rave in the Redwoods, unlock Kevin Smith.

Stick 'em

In Rave in the Redwoods, earn 100 kills with an upgraded crossbow.

Hallucination Nation

In Rave in the Redwoods, stay in Delirium for 5 minutes after scene 10.

Tables Turned

In Rave in the Redwoods, kill the Slasher with his weapon.

Ride For Your Life

In Rave in the Redwoods, ride every zipline.


In Rave in the Redwoods, complete your photo collection and mementos.

Pump It Up

In Rave in the Redwoods, Pack-a-Punch a weapon.

Top Camper

In Rave in the Redwoods, earn all camp badges.

Book Worm

In Shaolin Shuffle, find and collect all bios for AJ, Andre, Poindexter and Sally.


In Shaolin Shuffle, complete Skullbuster.

Sliced and Diced

In Shaolin Shuffle, Pack-A-Punch the final Weapon.

Pest Control

In Shaolin Shuffle, recover one piece of the Soul Key.

Shaolin Skills

In Shaolin Shuffle, max all Chi abilities in a single game.

Soul Brother

In Shaolin Shuffle, collect all the newspaper clippings.

Some Assembly Required

In Shaolin Shuffle, build all the craftable items in a game.


In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, recover the piece of the Soul Key.

Quarter Muncher

In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, complete Skullhop.

Bait and Switch

In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, restore and use all traps.

MAD Proto

In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, assemble the M.A.D. (Modular Atomic Disintegrator).

Dear Diary

In Attack of the Radioactive Thing, listen to all of Willard’s personal recordings.

Cracking Skulls

In The Beast From Beyond, complete Skullbreaker.

Failed Maintenance

In The Beast From Beyond, kill zombies with every trap.

The End?

In The Beast From Beyond, collect the final piece of the Soul Key.

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