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The Cat Lady is a rather interesting game, which does deal with a lot of dark topics that might not be suitable for younger audiences. Some of these topics are, but not limited to: death, depression, suicide, cancer, and homicide.
You play as Susan Ashworth, a middle-aged woman who has just attempted suicide by swallowing a large amount of sleeping pills. She leaves a note with a simple “thanks for nothing” at the end, showing she has nothing really left to live for. Hoping to be released by death, she is instead offered another proposition, perhaps one she cannot refuse. From that offer, Susan’s tale begins. The story itself is one that can be a real tear jerker. The plot was interesting, with a few plot twists to keep it engaging and interesting, without making it too confusing. The story, though it is a bit linear, does have quite few choices that can affect the ending to an extent. The characters are all unique in their own respects, with their roles being portrayed in a very realistic way. Such as Susan, where she portrays the role of someone who is depressed very well, and does not make it seem over the top.
The gameplay is simple to learn, including a few puzzles to progress through the story; most are fairly simple, but some may require a bit more thought and effort. You can move left and right in the 2D environment and interact with objects, making the mechanics very simple to learn and will allow for easier immersion into the story. Paying attention to your environment and dialogues can help with these puzzles, helping to make sure you pay attention to what is happening.
The art-style is very interesting, being mostly in black in white, with a few scenes and objects being in color. Considering the topics that the game deals with, the black and white scheme fits it very well, but does so in a way that is not too cliché. The weakest part of this game is the voices for the characters. Though the dialogues from the characters are well put, the audio itself has varying qualities. This can catch one off-guard at first, but if you can ignore the quality of some of the voices, this will hardly be something distracting. The soundtrack on the other hand is spectacular, and fits well with the current mood of the story, plus some of the songs are absolutely great! Perfect for each scene it plays in, setting the mood just right.

Verdict: 9/10

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