dumb thing
"lets save the world" says everyone not knowing how

Surprise! apparently this isn't a trap link, just a big wall of text, happy with that?
Anyways hi, I heard you're a fan of clicking "View More Info".

Universally i'm known as Umbalite.
Alt names including Rose The Floran and Femme.

So uh, hey, congrats on clicking that button still, I dont know why but sure.
No idea what to put in here because nobody clicks these buttons anymore so uuh...
So, I usually mess around in a few selected games, mostly Spiral Knights, Blockland and Terraria
I kinda alter what i play as time goes on so don't expect this list to constantly update.
I think you can tell by my TF2 items i have a stupid sense of humor.
I'm usually online for long periods of time.
I RP, sadly, though I can always just not do it if you don't want me to.
Don't really expect much coming out of me unless you're the conversation starter, i'm pretty bad at that
Sure i'll accept a few friend invites, but PLEASE comment before you do.
It'll tell me everything i need to know about you and if you're even worthy of accepting.
If there's no comment there's a super high chance i'll just ignore it.
The only exception is if we've met before or i saw you in-game and you added me from there.

Oh yea, i also host a few stupid blockland servers, Cards Against Blockheads and Deathrun: Omega. you should totally join and play and things.

Uuh, Well, that's about it really
i kinda ran out of things to type out here that kinda introduces myself
Not too detailed and not too confusing, I hope.


maybe not

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last played on Jul 17
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Storm Jul 13 @ 6:15pm 
suh :sunglassesDoge:
Ümbalite Jul 13 @ 2:32am 
oh mai, dark's server with, the idle4life_v3 map, ye i do remember it, that really was a long time ago, damn

hi though
9mm.trilla Jul 13 @ 12:24am 
it's all good. :-)
Storm Jul 13 @ 12:21am 
just commenting to say hi because I'm going through my old comment history and founa ya, you were somebody I played with back on TF2 like 6 years ago, Darkantos AFK server if you remember
Ümbalite Jul 12 @ 11:20pm 
hey, thanks for the comment, though i'll sadly decline if that's alright, nothing against you so don't worry about that
9mm.trilla Jul 12 @ 4:25pm 
Howdy, Add me as a friend, will ya? I ain't scammer or nothin.