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Early Access-recension
1-They have to lower the time for item drops,50 hr is pretty much.
2-People using extra addonts to set a dot for the guns so dev need to add it.(while not aiming with guns)
3-New XP system is really nice, Blueprint was suck
4-Guns re so powerfull u die with 3 bullets with a nice gear so maybe devs can raise armors.
5-i want a motor and automized furnence and a garden system.
6-Chainsaw is needed
7-C4 must be more powerfull but more expensive becouse after 7 days people start to make tons of c4 and ruins big bases if some one gots my big base i leave the game so C4 is not good for gaming time.
Upplagd 7 augusti, 2016.
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Visar 1–1 av 1 poster