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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Jan 22 @ 12:31pm

Fire in the Sky

Defeat Singe
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 1:04pm

The Bigger They Are...

Defeat the Ent
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 2:24pm

Undying, Eh?

Defeat the Undying King
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 2:13pm

The Keymaster

Defeat the Claviger
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 1:14pm

Not So Special

Defeat 100 special enemies
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 9:21am

First…But Not the Last!

Acquire first trait
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 2:13pm

Good Start

Acquire 10 traits
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 12:30pm

Hard Choices

Upgrade first weapon
Unlocked Jan 18 @ 2:57am

Halfway There

Upgrade any weapon to +10
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 11:25pm

Mod Collector

Acquire 5 weapon mods
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 11:25pm

Mod Enthusiast

Acquire 15 weapon mods
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 1:35pm

Trait Dabbler

Upgrade any trait to 10
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 1:19pm

Trait Focus

Upgrade any trait to 20
Unlocked Jan 20 @ 2:16pm

One Person's Scrap...

Acquire 50,000 scrap
Unlocked Jan 18 @ 2:28am

Ready For Action

Craft a weapon using material from a defeated world boss
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 1:23pm

This Watch...

Acquire Mudtooth's pocket watch
Unlocked Jan 18 @ 3:10am

Heart of a Dragon

Upgrade Dragon Heart
Unlocked Jan 19 @ 11:33am

Not So Lucky

Return coin to Ace
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 12:36pm

Fade to White

Activate the Ward 13 World Stone
Unlocked Jan 14 @ 1:47pm

Are You Ok?

Meet the Root Mother
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 1:08pm

What is the Labyrinth?

Meet the Labyrinth Keeper
Unlocked Jan 15 @ 2:21pm

Death Warmed Over

Meet the Undying King
Unlocked Jan 18 @ 2:53am

Changing of the Guard

Meet the Pan Rebel Leader

That's a Lot of Traits!

Acquire 20 traits

Unleash Your Potential

Acquire 30 traits

Equipment Collector

Acquire 5 armor sets

Equipment Enthusiast

Acquire 10 armor sets

Push It to the Limit

Upgrade any weapon to +20

Scrap Harvester

Acquire 100,000 scrap

Scrap Collector

Acquire 200,000 scrap

Like a Boss

Upgrade a boss weapon to 5

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