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Feloldva: szept. 12., 11:58


Play on a server with more than 100 players.
Feloldva: szept. 12., 11:58

Coward’s Gamble

Get killed whilst reloading.
Feloldva: szept. 12., 12:08

Coward’s Reward

Shoot and kill an enemy that’s closer than 5 meters.
Feloldva: szept. 12., 12:42

Dedicated Performer

Meet a glorious end whilst playing an instrument.
Feloldva: szept. 12., 12:42

Pomp & Circumstance

Support allied troops by playing a fife, drum, bagpipe or violin.
Feloldva: szept. 12., 12:28

Not A Step Back!

Meet your end whilst standing in an Infantry Officer’s line.
Feloldva: szept. 12., 12:05

Conscientious Objector

Finish a round without killing anyone.

Sharpe’ Shooter

Kill 25 Infantry Officers over a range of more than 75 meters using a rifle.
0 / 25

Chosen Man

Kill 100 soldiers over a range of more than 50 meters using a rifle.
0 / 100


Crew an 8-Gun Schooner while playing on Harouti Islands.

Rock Skippin’

Kill a player using a cannonball that bounced at least 1 times.


Kill 4 enemy players at one with a direct cannonball hit.


Kill 25 people while wielding a hammer, axe or sledgehammer.
0 / 25


Kill 10 people while wielding a spade.
0 / 10

Heart of Oak

Win a round of Naval Battlefield or Naval Assault without losing or swapping your ship.


Kill 3 people in a row using the boarding pike.


Defeat an Infantry Officer or Captain in a sword fight while playing as an Infantry Officer or Captain.


Defeat an Infantry Officer or Captain wielding a sword while playing as an Infantry Officer or Captain using a pistol.


Defeat an Infantry Officer or Captain in a pistol duel while playing as an Infantry Officer or Captain.

A Decent Surprise

Kill 3 people with a single shot of the blunderbuss.

A Naturalist’s Demise

A surgeon healing you meets their unfortunate end.

Gifted Surgeon

A surgeon fully heals you after your HP dropped below 10%.

Hollom’s Luck

Drown yourself whilst carrying an object.


Obtain the highest score on your team while playing as a Captain in the Naval Battlefield or Naval Assault game modes.

Turn On

Open a door whilst having a lantern equipped.

Pub Brawler

Kill an infantryman in a fist fight.

Battlefield Contractor

Erect 25 constructible defences as a sapper.
0 / 25

Superior Craftsmanship

Construct a chair as a sapper.

A Gentle Nudge

Kill a soldier with the sledgehammer.

Frederic Francois Chopin

Gather worldwide renown through masterful play of the piano.


Get shot and stabbed and survive both hits.


Perform an act of desertion.

The Ocean’s Floor

Land the final hit on an enemy naval vessel.

Capturing Colours

Take hold of 5 capture points in the Army Siege, Army Conquest or Coastal Siege game mode.
2 / 5

Flashbacks From Another War

Gather 10 kills using player-built Infantry Stakes.
0 / 10

Clever Wordsmith

Throw clever insults at your enemies 400 times.
44 / 400

Douanes Imperiales

Obtain a victory in the Coastal Siege game mode while playing as the French Customs class on Fort Imperial.


Cheer patriotically 500 times.
28 / 500

Vive L'Empereur!

Slay 200 enemies whilst playing as a French Line Infantryman.
0 / 200

For King & Country!

Slay 200 enemies whilst playing as British Line Infantryman.
0 / 200

Lang Lebe Der König!

Slay 200 enemies whilst playing as a Prussian Line Infantryman.
3 / 200

Aubrey’s Crew

Sink a 50-Gun Frigate while crewing a naval vessel carrying fewer guns.

Over The Hills & Far Away

Finish 25 rounds whilst being enlisted with the British Empire.
1 / 25

The British Grenadiers

Kill an infantryman in melee combat while playing as a British Grenadier.

The Mathematics Of Defeat

Suffer a defeat while playing as the invaders in the Coastal Siege game mode.

Sighting The Barn

Kill 3 infantryman using a single rocket.

HMS Indefatigable

Gather a reputation aboard a 50-Gun Frigate by sinking 3 enemy vessels in a single round.

Explosives Specialist

Kill 10 infantryman using explosives.
0 / 10

Napoleonic Sportsmanship

Kick an enemy to death.

Not So Little Drummer Boy

Punch a soldier to death as a drummer.