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Posted: Jun 27 @ 1:38am
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I love motorcycles.

I was probably 6 years old when I rode my first Briggs & Stratton-powered minibike with all of 5hp. It had 3 gears and no clutch. Twisting the throttle for the first time and feeling the sensation of speed at that age, I knew this was something I had to do for the rest of my life.

Unfortunately, my experience with motorcycle games up to this point is that they all kinda suck (Moto Racer on PS the shining exception). In fact, in order to get my "motorcycle gaming fix" I will fire up my fav car racing game and set the camera to bumper-cam and pretend I'm riding a bike. I know, it's a disease. Anyway, it's with that understanding that I give my Initial Shakedown Impression for TT: Isle of Man.

1. Game environments look good to me. I'm playing on max settings - the environs remind me of DiRT Rally or GTA V in terms of detail and style.

2. Bike exteriors looks proper. An R6 looks like an R6. A CBR1000 looks like a CBR1000.... etc.
2(a). Caveat: In 'helmet-cam' POV, the bike's dash, clip-ons, etc, do not resemble the real-life counterpart... not a big deal to me and it's only barely noticeable in the one POV.

3. Bikes sound good to me. Currently, my primary ride is an R6 so I chose one (Hutchy's) just for fun to see if I would notice any familiarity with the digital version. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it did sound like my bike, especially above 8K RPM.

4. I like the controls. I played default difficulty and riding style and everything felt fine. I was racing right away, not fighting the controller... no surprises, no complaints.
4(a). Overall I think the controls are fine. If I had to make a suggestion, I felt like the bike was a little heavier switching direction than necessary. IRL, my R6 feels a lot snappier on direction changes. It's possible this can be fixed by playing with the settings which I'm already testing out. However, I'm pretty happy with the controls and do not see any need for a major revision or changes.

5. The course is long enough to keep your interest. Most short circuits are somewhere in the 3-5 miles range... this course is like 40 miles. There's a lot to learn.

Things I'd like to see:
- Change POV on the fly (if this is already possible, I could not figure it out)
- Allow the rider to look backwards
- Not sure if this would work, but I'd like to hear the engine noise a little more muffled and some more wind noise, as if we were wearing a helmet and riding at speed. Currently, it sounds like we're just on the bike hearing everything unobstructed.

Final Verdict: RECOMMEND. It's hard to find a good moto game. This is one of them.

EDIT: Not sure what people are complaining about framerates? I have a 4790K (default clocks), GTX 1070 (default clocks) playing on the absolute maximum settings and the game is buttery smooth.
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