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I played through all the levels twice using a 360 controller on PC

It's a fun game and turns into a "beat your own time on each level" type of thing

Easy recommend

P.S. - I have a playthrough of this game on my YT channel each level is a different video (like 2 min each) - YT recently de-monitized one of the videos (level 8 or something) saying it was non-advertisier friendly lol! For some reason all the other levels seem to be just fine.
Posted April 21, 2017.
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If you love motorcycle games, then STOP buying Milestone games.

They need to lose their MotoGP license, etc. so an actual game Studio can take over and develop actual games.

You've been warned.

This game launched once and never again.

0.7 Hours gameplay says it all
Posted February 20, 2017.
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Played an hour, closed out the game to go take care of real-world-life-stuff.

Got my **** done, come back to PC excited to get back into this new (to me) game.

Launch game, spawn at very beginning...




Check Steam/Internet to see what I did wrong only to find out it's supposed to work that way lol.

This game would have been my very first Steam Refund but I only paid $2.99... feels kinda dumb to get a 3 dollar refund. However, If I had paid normal price for the game, DEFINITE refund.

As it stands, I'll probably play the game on Twitch... Twitch chat loves these kinds of spooky games so I'll get my 3 dollars out of it that way.

For now, I'm uninspired to pick the game back up and play it for my own personal satisfaction.

Like everyone else, I have stuff going on besides gaming (gasp I know) so if I have a 1-2 hr block of time to devote to a game before I have to do something else, I need to know I haven't wasted that valuable game time because of a questionable save system.

Maybe you will love it... I put mustard on my french fries so who knows.
Posted January 20, 2017.
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buy it

play it

be happy
Posted September 23, 2016.
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i liked it. i kinda guessed it would go in that direction but it's def so much "more".

i think it's worth a playthrough

"thumbs up!!!" or "A++++ would buy again" or "Kreygasm" or whatever the kids are saying these days

have a good day

Posted July 22, 2016.
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51.2 hrs on record
i got this game for free as part of an AMD CPU purchase.

when i got the game, it was 0.9 version meaning it wasn't yet a full 1.0 release.

i didn't know this.

i played the game for hours, completed the first two championships, game NEVER crashed, and i continued to play for hours.

time passed and i got a message saying "hey everyone, we're finally releasing the 1.0!"

i was like ?!?!?

wait a minute, are you telling me this buttery smooth game that's really fun to play and looks amazing and is one of the higher quality games in my steam library wasn't even a finished product yet??!?!?

it's that good

it's that fun

have a good day!
Posted December 7, 2015. Last edited August 17, 2016.
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Game load screen is POV from Delorean driver seat hitting 88mph.


Posted October 21, 2015.
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NOTE: This is actually a "Not Recommended" review despite the "thumbs up".

PRO: Looks great. Interesting story. Amazing music, beginning to end.

CONS: Mini-games, Unskippable mini-games, Lengthy unskippable mini-games, Repetitive lengthy unskippable mini-games. Incongruous repetitive lengthy unskippable mini-games. Extremely incongruous repetitive lengthy unskippable mini-games. Also, mini-games.

PERSONAL GRIPES: Game struggled on a system that flew through Mad Max, Batman: Arkham Whatever, etc., Important items obfuscated/difficult to identify. Prefer text only for dialogue, no need for voiceover/dialogue/actors, that way I can choose to continue at my own pace... as it stands, even if i've already read the paragraph, i still feel obligated to let the actor finish, Once the setting gets toward dusk, the painted sky looks completely cartoony in art style compared to the rest of the game and the other times of day (which look amazing, especially the constellations at night - actually gave me goosebumps)

I did not mind the ending and feel that it's a good Prologue for a MUCH larger story/game.

It was VERY hard for me to choose thumbs up (originally had a thumbs WAY down due to the mini-games), but this is an edited review and I would like to see more of this universe, so I've changed my review to thumbs up.

However, in reality, the mini-games are such a poor choice that they really do take a 5/5 game and drop it straight down to a "not recommended" but since, as mentioned, I would like to see more from this developer about this universe, that I changed my rec to thumbs up (while still vehemently protesting against the mini-games). Please note that I am not exaggerating when I describe how deplorable these mini-games are. Imagine playing Myst for the very first time... you get about 20 mins in and you cannot believe how amazing everything looks and sounds and the pacing is awesome and you are trying to just wrap your head around everything and right then, right when you are about to have some epiphany, someone SMASHES the keyboard on your desk and SHOVES a nintendo controller in your face and says HEY YOU!!! YOU MUST PLAY THIRTY LAPS OF MARIO KART RIGHT NOW IN ORDER TO CONTINUE, YOU CANNOT SIMPLY DIE YOU MUST ACTUALLY DRIVE ALL THIRTY LAPS EVEN IF YOU COME IN LAST YOU MUST DRIVE ALL THIRTY LAPS OK GO HURRY UP HURRY UP WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER STORY DRIVE! DRIVE ! DRIVE!!!!!.... (18 laps later, 12 laps to go!)... DRIVE !!! DRIVE !!! !DRIVE! !! ! ! DRIVE !!! (8 laps later, 4 laps still left!) DRIVE!!! DRIVE !!! DRIVE !!!!! OK YOU CAME IN LAST PLACE, DO YOU WANT TO DO ANOTHER THIRTY LAPS BEFORE YOU GO BACK TO MYST? YOU DON"T ?? WHATEVER WEIRDO OK HERE'S YOUR KEYBOARD... I'LL BE BACK IN 10 MINS AND YOU GET TO DO ANOTHER THIRTY LAPS!!! Then you go back to playing Myst trying to slow your blood rage down and get back into the slow-paced story-telling, but man it's not easy...

... and that's EXACTLY what the mini-games in Cradle feel like.
Posted October 17, 2015. Last edited October 19, 2015.
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44.3 hrs on record
this was my first batman game and i played it in 2015

nailed it
Posted October 7, 2015.
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my only recommendation is that you stop reading this recommendation, plunk down your 8 bucks (don't buy mcdonalds today), and play this "game"

even if you end up underwhelmed, it will raise questions that aren't usually brough up in traditional "gaming", imo, the experience will be worth it.

still processing various things, but i did go hunt down some interviews of the creator on youtube and if you do just a little bit of digging, the identities and backstory for the "game" become quite clear.

excellent humanity simulator
Posted October 7, 2015.
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