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Roudydogg1© Oct 9 @ 4:12am 
▒▒▒▒▒█▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀█🆆🅰🆁🅸🅰🆃 🅿🅻
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Roudydogg1© Aug 5 @ 6:01pm 
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Rodney5463 Jun 1 @ 10:11pm 
Never forget that I'm the reason you even became a mod
Roudydogg1© Jun 1 @ 11:25am 
Ban & Server Anouncement
Hey guys, Roudy, Rodney and I just finished going through the bans section removing a bunch of bans over the last two years. All hacking, scamming and general troll bans remained but we unbanned a lot of players who were banned permanently for basic things like chat spam/insults. We hope that if you are one of the 100+ people unbanned today that you value this second chance and do not repeat what happened before. We are welcoming many people back to our servers but you have to do your part too.
Roudydogg1© Jun 1 @ 11:25am 
Also, as a message to all donators, you guys now have donator access on server #7 (which is currently running a test map but will be running a different map later on). So the only server you guys dont have access on now is server 5 which is the no-donator server. Enjoy this new access as you now have access to all your commands on 7 different servers! Please keep in mind you must abide by the normal rules when on server 7, and if you want to mess around to go to the DONATOR SERVER (which is now server #8)

EDIT: Big props to Rodney and Roudy for spending their time painstakingly adding server #7 access for all 300 of our donators.
Roudydogg1© May 5 @ 11:25pm 
finally figured out how to gib me /grab again ever since the day you abused the command like a CUCK and got reported for it and NeonHeight's removed it for everyone but himself

just thoght you should know