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Posted: Nov 21, 2017 @ 9:54am

Early Access Review
This game...

I'm not a drummer, infact this is the first time ive ever 'played' a kit and ive taught myself the basics and think that im going to get a proper kit (Electric cuz noise would annoy family lol).

Playing this feels so natural and fun. The different sounds depending on how hard you hit it makes the experience way more believable. Hits register almost all the time, the times when it doesnt is my computer being just over the requirement for VR and lagging. This doesnt happent too often however so it's still fun to play.

I RECOMMEND THIS SO MUCH. This beats any drumming game currently on the market. This game does everything better than all the others and is so worth the money (£7.99 which is f**king rediculously a good price for this considering the customizability of it and it being mechanically AMAZING)

Looking forward to updates. I'd love to see more drums and cymbals and a way to import your own sounds and assign them to a drum.

10/10 Bloody amazing pick it up if you drum/want to drum.
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