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Robbe Feremans   Sint-katelijne-waver, Antwerpen, Belgium
subscribe to my youtube, right now I'm having alot of problems with my recorder and editor but as soon as it is fixed I make video's again.
Im looking to make video's of gmod but I'll have to buy a new computer or just upgrade mine to do that...

Please like me because I have no friends <3
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{GMD} RobordorT8 Jul 14 @ 7:20am 
steam doesn't
GalaxyDestroyer82 Jul 14 @ 7:20am 
ok then...do you ever make any sense tho?
{GMD} RobordorT8 Jul 14 @ 6:46am 
no I can't do that because I can't. voila
GalaxyDestroyer82 Jul 13 @ 4:12pm 
Also, since you can't find my broadcast half the time, you can just click on my profile pic and when i'm playing a game you can click watch game.
GalaxyDestroyer82 Jul 13 @ 4:11pm 
Im working on beating my third demon and I created an account too :D
I can't friend you tho because of you being a "stranger" and not an actual friend. :(
{GMD} RobordorT8 Jul 12 @ 3:46am