[RYC] Robin Yrvriff
Florida, United States
Furry, Racing game enthusiast, and all around fun person. Try googling me sometime.

The RobinYiff, RobinYC, and RYC names are the intellectual property of Robin. Copyright 2016-22
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Created by - [RYC] Robin Yrvriff
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Robin Yiff
•Passion Form: Kind, Playful, Lewd.
•HYPERMODE: Unpredictiable, radioactive, yandere
•Might Form: Determined, Rigid, brave.
•Rage form: Mindless feral Rage.
•Echo form: Emotionless.
Gender: True Hermaphrodite.
Species: Fexline.
•Global: Rift pocket manipulation, tech based teleportation, huge tech affinity, internal nanobots that maintain and modify body for rapid adaption, self fertility control, Extremely alchemy skills (Ask about my potions!)
•Passion (Base) form: Limited telekinesis, rift manipulation.
•HYPERMODE: radioactive to the touch, weapon augmentation, phazon energy blast projection, phazon energy beam projection, radiation immunity, moderately boosted stats.
•Might form: Full energy manipulation, full matter manipulation, full teleportation, full telekinesis, partial to full all immunity, heavily boosted stats.
•Rage form: Red energy claws, berserker rage, extremely boosted stats but base defense.
•Echo form: Aura Vision, time stop, Fractal drop blades, infinitely boosted attacks.
Signature attacks:
•Holybeam: a beam of cleansing and obliterating golden energy capable of purifying corrupted individuas/groups, and destroying evil. Sustained exposure can empower uncorrupted life depending on intent.
•GigaHammer: A disc of volatile red antimatter that eats matter and detonates with excessive force on impact. Destructive capability increases exponentially with size with a theoretical universe ending capability. Limited use due to extreme tax on body save for during rage.
•Gigabeam: Sustained beam of Red Antimatter that destroys everything in it's path. Can be used to further grow launched GigaHammer shots. Limited in use due to extreme tax on body save for during rage.
•Fractal Finisher: Complete Annihilation of target(s) on a atomic level by separating every molecular bond, often resulting in an atomic detonation on small scale. Limited to echo form.
Robin Yiff, the name is a combination of one given to by herself, and another by the scientists that took her from her home. Robin Hermaphrodite nudist of immense power and capability, using the overgrown floofs to cover her unmentionables in order to maintain a public appearance.
The midnight black fur is broken only by a head of deep violet hair, and hot pink Helix stripe patterns down the arms and legs. These stripes glow and fade, change color, and even shape depending on the situation, emotional level, or even the Vital status of herself.
Robin is a Fexline, comparatively 80% Feline (Cat), 10% Vulpine (Fox) located in the long fluffy, pink tipped tail, and 10% Canis Lupis (Wolf) in trace amounts through the body. Genetically, she is compatible with many species, but whether this is a result of nature or her augmentations may never be known as the only known living individual is Robin herself.

The two most common objects Robin is seen with are as follows:
•IP69K Rated Wrist PC: Nearly indestructable, this wrist pc is an expensive but necessary piece of hardware. Running a dual boot of Windows 10 and GFOS, this wrist pc serves as an uplink to the Galactic Federation Network and other comms and uplink networks, acts as a connection to a prototype galaxy wide teleportation satelite deep in space which can beam her and anything surrounding to almost any location in an instant, and functions as a controller for the nanobots flooding her bloodstream at all times. In addition, it serves all the functions a standard X64 PC.
•Type 9 Tri Rail Railcannon "Crackshot": The chrisening of this multiform weapon can be seen expertly embossed into the thermal shielding. Three magnetic rails can accelerate ferromagnetic slugs of various calibers up to sub light speeds in a vacuum. Capable of rapid fire and heavy shot configurations, this weapon is Robin's ranged weapon of choice. Officially, this is the only weapon of its type to exist as it is a prototype from Prometheus labs, the same company that took Robin at a very young age.

Physically, Robin is of a healthy strength, speed, and stamina. However, she regularly uses extremely powerful, potent, and versatile magics to boost herself, her allies, and all those who can help defeat threats. This is in addition to strong mental powers, a natural support for Phazon energies and Radiation, and a vast knowledge of all things tech. However, as she enters different states of power, her entire fur patterns change in response, from the basic black and pink, to a shining platinum and gold, a dangerous mix of all things red, and a pure darkness surrounded by white. These phases of power not only tie to energy level, but emotion, as can be seen during a Rage.

Emotionally, Robin is cheerful, outgoing, and friendly, but can turn serious, cold, and calculated in an instant. If pushed too far, she will lash out with immense fury and might not be able to calm down before causing damage to all around her and possibly herself. A self reported nymphomaniac, she works hard to control herself and her urges for the sake of all around her.

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