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When I have AFK as my status followed by a console, it literally means im afk or "Away from keyboard" so don't expect an immediate reply.

Consoles/handhelds I own: Atari mini, N64, gamecube,playstation 2, Wii, Playstation 3, Wii U, GBC,GBA,GBSP,DSlite,3dsXL

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Young Link enters the battle
north Jun 20 @ 6:41pm 
+rep Not only an EgN Legend, but a TTT Legend.
EgN| Roaxes Jun 18 @ 5:35am 
Sorry sir, we only sell Little Macs at this arcade.
Can I get a Big Mac with extra pickles? I would like that as a meal.
north Jun 11 @ 11:21am 
ily bb <3
EgN| Roaxes Jun 11 @ 7:55am 
north Jun 11 @ 6:33am 
Hey I found your steam through a mutual and I just wanted to say that I think we could get along real well :) I don't normally do things like this cause I'm a real gentleman :3, but do you want to maybe play a bit of cs sometime (omg I'm so embarrassed) >< I could go on my smurf so you don't have to put in that much effort, even though you're like the best and you'll probably be on top every round. When I see your name I just feel like we have this special connection that I can't describe in words, I think.. maybe we knew each other in a past life xDD like I can do the cooking and everything, you don't have to worry about that cuz I'm a real feminist, but I'll still take care of you <3 I know how to make a woman feel like a girl, but I won't do anything that freaks you out, just say one word and I'll stop so so fast! so maybe just consider me? I can't believe I'm writing this all out to you >< !! Even if you reject me it's all worth it just for you, my wuv <3 (plz don't reject me !!)