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Caves of Qud
I arrive in Joppa, my borderland's revolver ready in hand. I meet an intriguing tinkerer on the verge of a discovery, assisting him I journey to the rust wells 4-5 Parasangs East of Joppa, gathering 200 inches(or was it feet?) of copper wire. I return, upon which my spoils of warfar from ravaging the overworld of the Rust wells, I sell all the *crap* I don't need and purchase an extradimensional borderland's revolver to dual wield.

A priest in the area preaches to me to take the 6 day Stilt, travelling across the Salt pans I uncover multiple ruins littered with a mixture of slimes and riflers. Being level 7-ish at the time I slew them with ease. Upon arriving at the 6 day Stilt, an enchanting petrified Kraken hollowed out into a Cathedral for the Mechanists I survey the shops in the area and purchase plentiful quantities of Lead slugs perfect for my akimbo revolvers. Finishing my resupply of ammunition, I am requested by a fellow shopkeeper to make my way into the Jungles of Qud, through the flower fields to find a village and solve a detective mystery which for brevity's sake I will say I solved it.

After finishing it, I explore the Grit gate under prior request to submit a data disk to the people living inside the rusting floors and dank caves below. Upon reaching it, I am asked to prove myself worthy for entrance and so must venture out to Golgotha.

On the way to golgotha I smell a feast and stop to investigate, spying on some Goat Riflers. Upon being spotted, I begin sprinting away to no avail as they catch up to me and begin slamming me to bits. In a desperate attempt for survival, I intoxicate my body with the blessing powers of multiple tonics to enhance my abilities.

Unfortunately my guts were ripped apart by the goat folk for their feast.

If the above tale of my Gunslinger, Wielder of Extradimensional Curiosities ready to blast holes intrigues and inspires you, I wholly recommend the game.

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend it to everyone, as there is a significant non-trivial learning curve to the game. It's not(at least not significantly) about mastering a control set, but more so about mastering and overcoming the world you inhabit.

Overall, if you're a fan of games with emergant mechanics, deep RPG mechanics that thoroughly reward proper and good strategisation, or just looking for a game with a deep and immense amount of content supplemented by a pure mixture of handcrafted content and procedural generation. If you're looking for a game which you can learn the control quickly, one where you can just sit back and relax or one which doesn't require thought, this isn't the game for you.

Personally though, this game is deeply enchanting with its gorgeous world and terrible dangers lurking beneath every rock and hidden in every crevice, I look forward to venturing back in the future.
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Just a normal Tuesday for Captain Blackadder.

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yes, go for it.
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@Betrin Sorry mate. I don't play CSGO very much these days- I'll probably drag you down since I don't practice the game at all nowadays. A friend of mine, XOR might be interested though. You can look in my friends list for him, I think he played with you in one of our games last night?