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Personal Achievements

This isn't even my final form

Raise your Nobility Level

Such Nobility

Reach Nobility Level 5

What does the "I" stand for?

Achieve VIP 1

Roll out the red carpet

Achieve VIP 2

Treated Like Royalty

Achieve VIP 3

Reach for the Top

Reach Global Tier 10

Reach for the Sky

Reach Global Tier 20

Reach for the Moon

Reach Global Tier 30

Reach for the Stars

Reach Global Tier 40

Casino Connoisseur

Receive RP from each game on the main floor

Participation Trophy

Participate in an Event

All in a day's work

Complete all daily quests in a day

Baccarat atcha

Win a tie bet in Baccarat

Bingo was his name... Oh

Win a Bingo game

I barely know her

Win a full table poker game

We Three Kings

Match 3 Kings in the Super Slots

Big Wheel Keeps on Spinnin'

Spin the Big 6 Wheel 10 times in a row

Why so serious?

Have the Big 6 Wheel land on the Joker

Blackjack City

Get Blackjack 10 times in one sitting


Split 10 times in one sitting of Blackjack

Two hands are better than one

Split and win both hands in Single Deck Blackjack

Goose Egg

Match zero numbers in Instant Keno when picking 10

Helping Hand

Give a VIP guest pass to a friend

Rocket in my Pocket

Win a hand with pocket rockets in Poker. (Pair of Aces)

It's Not Easy Being Green

Bet on one color, have the ball land on green in Roulette

Big Win

Win at least 10,000 chips in one spin in Crazy 8 Slots

What is it good for?

Go to War 10 Times in one sitting


Win 10,000 chips from tie bets in one sitting in War

Blackjack Marathon

Play 100 rounds of Video Blackjack in one sitting


Get dealt 4 Blackjacks in Video Blackjack

Déjà vu

Roll 7 twice in a row on a come out roll in Craps

Snake in a Box

Roll snake eyes (2) or boxcars (12) twice in a row in Craps

The more the merrier

Play in a 20+ player game of Bingo


In Baccarat bet on the player and win with 9

Lucky Duck

In Baccarat Win with the hand you bet on totaling 1


Win a bowling game with six players

Such a Turkey

Get three strikes in a row

Going Green

Win the max bet on 0 or 00 in High Rollers Roulette

King of the Hill

Win a six player game of Poker in High Rollers

Access Granted

Achieve VIP 2 and access High Rollers suite

Jungle Journey

Play 100 spins in one sitting of Treasure Trap

You chose... poorly

Activate every possible trap in the Treasure Trap bonus round at least once

The Path More Travelled

Reach the end of the Treasure Trap bonus round a total of 5 times WITHOUT finding the treasure room

Captain’s Log

Complete 1 mission of each type

Mission Control

Complete 100 total missions

Starship Trooper

Destroy a total of 50 UFOs

Who You Gonna Call?

Play the Millionaire Manor bonus round

Ghost in the Machine

Get a Big Win in Millionaire Manor

Paranormal Activity

Play the Millionaire Manor Bonus Round 5 times in one sitting

Piles of Tiles

Play 100 spins in one sitting of Winds of Fortune

Mahjong Master

Earn more than 25,000 chips in one spin

Golden Emperor

Earn more than 100,000 chips in one spin

Into The Klondike

Move forward on the map instead of playing the bonus round

Didn’t Pan Out

Replay the bonus round 3 times in a row WITHOUT winning the jackpot

Struck the Big One!

Win the final jackpot

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