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Tiger/Rippy   Los Altos Hills, California, United States
Hello there! Click on "more info" to read more about me before asking questions! Please post in comments why you want to add me. I'll ignore you unless if you're a friend of a friend!

GIVE ME A BETTER REASON THAN "You seemed cool" and/or "I need more people to talk to", 'cause those are just too common reasons/excuses

I do not accept random friend requests. Or any private profiles! (Unless I know you IRL, then I will make an exception) Sorry!

Please nickname me as "Rippy" or whatever alias you know that I also go by as I may change my name to whatever I feel like...

My deviantArt:

As for Team Fortress 2, I will be back to it once I get more disk space!
I know what your question is, "What is your TF2 main?"
My answer: I don't have an exact main, HOWEVER I tend to play best as Soldier in MvM, but in regular game modes, I can play all classes except for spy. I suck at spy

My Quote: "I ain't no soldier, I'm an ordinary person. But even an ordinary person is fighting an endless battle. The battle I'm fighting now will NEVER end...but I still persevere the creature within and continue my life."

Random quotes:
Rippy (me): They say an apocalypse be comin', I say fuck dat! I DANCE ALL I WANT!
Rotneus: "And try not to forget it. The true artists don't keep it in their brain, but in their heart."
Rotneus: "Mix it up, spice it, maybe give it a twist. Be creative with it."

Thank you all for reading this! :demoticon:
Rippy the Mad Mechanic

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Basic Stuff (About my OC, some are IRL):

Major in College: Mechanical Engineering (Automotive option) Changed to Imaging and Sciences Photography
College: Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T.) Foothill College (Community College}

:jacko:Name: Rippy™
:crate:Gender: Female
:terraria: Clothes she wears: Leather jacket with her logo on it, black military cap with logo on it, any black t-shirt, cool jeans, combat boots
:SpyFoxMilk:Aliases: Shadow Gunslinger Assassin, Mad Mechanic, :sovietflag: Soviet Spy :sovietflag:, Time Master
:camel:Age: 21 (19)
:ironcross:DOB: November 11th, 1999
:p2wheatley:Occupation: Assassin, mechanic, spy
:steamhappy:Likes: Hanging out with Daemos and Jintei and her friends, working on cars, drawing, smoking cigarettes, dangerous racing, meditating
:steamsad:Dislikes: Her friends being hurt, harassment, greedy people, meditations being interrupted
:gmod:Family (By blood): Zippy (Twin brother), more to come
:zombiehead: Parents: FemSniper and Scout (both are dead)
:floweyevil:Family (non-blood related): Manuel :medicon:, Harrington :demoticon:, Snippet :jarate:, Harold the soldier, Eriksson the Engie, Rubic and Cubic the spy twins, Tauros the Heavy, Matchstick :firealert:, Boxington (Boxer for short) the unusual spy, Actæon the sniper, Blayze the Pyro, Buck the Bisexual sniper
❤️Current relationships: Handsome Jintei
:LCTOO_DualGuns:Powers: Shadow (Can summon any shadow weapon entities within a fraction of a second), teleportation, summoning shadow warriors, manipulate time (speeding up/slowing things down), shatter time (when very pissed off)
:csgogun:Physical weapons: Pistols, rifle with bayonet, sniper rifle, smokescreen pellets
:melon: Interesting fact: Her eyes feel like death is watching you. If you feel like that, beware! :floweyevil:
🎵 Theme song: Original Video
🎵 Theme Song With Lyrics: Lyrics Music Video


Read this please:

If you see people on my friends list that did not comment on my profile, 99.99% of the time I gave them permission to do so (they're from anywhere else, mobile games, school, etc)

Also, do not ASK for my Cross-Comm, Flash Fryer or ANYTHING that's worth a lot to me.

Down below is the link to my patreon! :D It's 100% optional but if you want to donate feel free! I do creative writing and, hopfully in the future, :gmod:mod pics and SFM artwork and a YouTube channel!

My Patreon! []

Profile Pic artworks (not in order, and also of my OCs)
Rippy 2016 by Daemos
Snippet the Sniper by LinkaBell!
Rippy the Mad Mechanic Commission by Sabs []
Zippy and Matchstick by Narnius Brickman []

Sabs and Rippy commission []

Rippy bust by LinkaBell!

Models of my persona:
My TF2sona (For TF2 uses!)

My NEW TF2 model (Real Life one based off the original design by Sabs/Menaria). Friends Only, please comment for access! (Credit to Johnny for making it come true!)

Where to find me! 3

Steam: You're here, silly!

League of Legends: ZippytheScout Name changed to RippytheMechanic

Discord: Rippy13#9645 (You should automatically see me if you connected your steam to Discord)

Overwatch: Not yet, I'll get it in the future (it'll crash my laptop)

Black Desert Online: I have the game now, and the account, but I haven't downloaded it yet

I draw TF2 and Non-TF2 OC's/Personas as chibis! :D
:p2wheatley:You must tell me what your OC/Persona looks like. Ref sheets/drawings are preferred, but I can take screenshots.
:p2wheatley:Unusual effects----> What effects and what colour (if possible).
:p2wheatley:And if the character has painted items, please tell me what paints they are so that I can find the right colours to use!
:p2wheatley:I will send you a sketch of the character with hair outline (if the character has one). Pay me first, and if you're happy, I'll keep drawing. (Please do make sure everything's correct)
:p2wheatley:Drawings will be uploaded to my deviantart!

Prices: (Chibi)
:medicon: Uncoloured, full (With outline)-----1 refs, 1 key and 3 scrap
:medicon: Hair coloured in and clothes coloured in, full--------1 ref, 2 rec and 1 scrap
:medicon: Full colour drawing--------2 refs, 2 keys and 1 scrap
:medicon: Doodley sketch-------10 scraps

Also, if you think you're foolish enough to add me to just date your OC, you're fucking persona is taken! ^^^^Read up there!^^^^

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XenoHunter Oct 16 @ 1:49pm 
Good evening Mrs. Rippy, I wish to friend to you because I'm quite intrigued in the things that you have created in your WorkShop. It's really cool of what you make. It is something that I can never do. But if you choose not to accept my Friend Request, then that is alright. It's of your choosing.
Joey Jazz Oct 13 @ 8:13am 
AN ONION Sep 18 @ 8:09pm 
I stumbled upon this profile somehow. Your OC reminds me of JoJo from JoJo's bizarre adventure. Maybe it's the hat and the cigarette... I dunno.
infectedkaen Jun 1 @ 2:26am 
i forgot when god was born
💫Sir Deimantas💫 Apr 21 @ 10:04pm 
Happy Easter friend
Gordon Walkedby Apr 18 @ 6:42am 
HELLO :azuki2: