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Pope Feb 17 @ 12:24am 
-rep, boring killer - likes to tunnel
crack juul pod Feb 16 @ 1:07am 
nice paragraph im gonna enjoy ignoring it LMFAOOO get sneeded fugly
Yes Feb 16 @ 12:50am 
:| because you're obsessive for some reason, it was a dead by daylight match yesterday night and its kinda pointless to drag out random bs that started out with just a question. live in the present not in the past, hope life gets better for you, goodnite man.
crack juul pod Feb 16 @ 12:47am 
yet ur "man" is so afraid of confrontation he locked his comments :(
Yes Feb 16 @ 12:40am 
All the man said was "why did u tunnel me" and now i see why, ur a child :| 16? 17? depressed ? tiktok account? yup
crack juul pod Feb 16 @ 12:31am 
oh no his fat egirl has come to save him :/