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Jeffrey Rightjustify rj ๑ﭥ
[10:44:10 PM] (Channel) springrolls: when she born anencephalic but she thicc tho...

[8:40:34 PM] (Channel) Karl: how about the plat leaders talk as players and the admins talk as admins

Rightjustify: you speak japanese?
DayNife: I took japanese courses in High school
DayNife: I'm also a massive weaboo in case you haven't noticed

panna cotta: It's like when you know your son punched his first hooker

Vryktion: my beef with rightjustify is multi-platform...

taco: why do yo um,akke everuyything so diffcultr

dookie: i am ur pet
dookie: u are my master : 3

Vryktion: pootis pow! : 3

Dragostar : "I like to pubstomp wearing my max's head because it gives me a false sense of security"

key.cloudmaker: i hope you win a brag about shitty highland

Vryktion - "Ghosts are fucking scary bro. You can't touch them, they can just fucking rape you. It's like fighting fuzion in real life."

6:11 PM - rj: OH NO
6:11 PM - rj: All of my spaghetti fell out of my pocket
6:11 PM - rj is now Away.

deejay: i payed 40 american dollars to play pyro with dreads

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the strength of the pack is the wolf
the strength of the wolf is the pack

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MR. DUBBZ Jun 29 @ 3:38pm 
Hey dude.
carcin Jan 6 @ 1:14am 
First comment of 2019
endgame Dec 23, 2018 @ 9:51pm 
Hello Mr. RightJustify,

I would like to formally anounce to you that I will be sending a cease and desist letter, effective immediately, regarding the blatant character defamation that you have prominently displayed upon your "Steam Profile"; specifically, this is in regard to the quote "when she born anencephalic but she thicc tho...", which you have attributed to a certain "springrolls". Should you not comply with this request, I will have you know that I will use every legal measure at my disposal to bring this case to a swift and satisfying end.

Thank you, and have a good holiday season.
Aaron Dec 22, 2018 @ 12:54am 
There's a boy who loves playing Team Fortress 2. On his birthday, his long-time crush asked, "What's the sound that you hear most often when playing Team Fortress 2?"
Wanting to impress the girl, he answered, "Of course it's the domination sound!" The girl heard it and left. After a few days the girl asked the boy to lend her his computer, for his birthday gift.
The boy finally got back his computer played a Team Fortress 2 game immediately. When the game started he realized that the girl has replaced all the in-game sounds with recordings of her own cute voice. Years passed. The boy and the girl are no longer in contact.
When the boy finally got a domination for the first time in his life, he was overwhelmed with regret. Because that was when he heard, "I love you"
sobugallmytoesarebugtoes Sep 19, 2018 @ 3:18pm 
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MR. DUBBZ Aug 13, 2018 @ 4:08pm 
u dont even know how to Build in Fortnite