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Early Access Review
Really great game that is constantly being updated, Developers are very interactive and take feedback seriously. They are focused on quality over quantity of content. Try it out :D
Posted January 1, 2020.
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Call Of Duty: Nothing New 2

I thought this would offer a new experience, something previously not seen in this franchise. The multiplayer is the exact same as any previous Call of Duty game, I'm not sure why I was expecting different. After approximately 77 minutes I came to realization that this game is infact a complete waste of money and would be better off spent on other titles, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, or Counter Strike. This will be my last purchase of a Call of Duty game as I cannot fathom what they were thinking with this release.
Posted November 3, 2017.
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I have 25 Hours in game -- in 2 days.

The community is really great right now, que takes less than 10 seconds (That's less than Rainbowsix: Siege right now, lol). I have yet to meet anyone Toxic! That's such a great sign and very refreshing.

Developers are constantly talking to you in Discord, and will discuss with you game updates/etc. The developers have already went live on Twitch to answer a bunch of questions. Updates are released frequently, and again, the Developers are extremely open to everyone about what they're changing.

It's a fun thrill trying to solve who's infected, or to trick others to take the attention away from you and place it on an innocent. The ending of the game always nearly has results you never expected. There are some features I think need to be updated, but I've discussed them other players and everyone agrees there are things wrong with the game, but this is an indie game, not a AAA title.
Posted March 7, 2017.
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Showing 1-3 of 3 entries