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♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ lost $15000 worth of items. Bugged/Dupped items ♥♥♥♥♥
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Hello, and welcome to my profile.

My name is Right Nosok and I, among other things, enjoy trading items in Team Fortress 2.

I enjoy playing most classes in Team Fortress 2, most of which being the Spy and Soldier.

My favorite games include TF2, and Dota2

I traded my way up to a Burning Flames Team Captain, then a few months later I unboxed a Burning Flames Killer Exlusive (July 22nd, 2016). I'm taking a break from trading for a part of the summer, so if you need to trade with me just send a trade offer and don't add me.

Level 50 on steam
Backpack worth +25000$
Premium on backpack.tf | tf2outpost.com

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In this guide, I will explain how you can avoid getting scammed in TF2, CS:GO and generally around Steam. Please note, I do not intend for this guide to help scammers, but to help prevent people getting scammed.
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Right Nosok | S>180+ unusuals Забрана за търгуване 11 ноем. 2017 в 11:35 
If your steam profile or inventory is private, I will ignore request.
If I am in a game, do not expect a response from me. I will look at chat when I finish.
Be specific about items, I hate having to ask for details and may delete you.


Right Nosok | S>180+ unusuals Забрана за търгуване 11 ноем. 2017 в 11:34 
This is a trade account to hide my main so i do not get reported by ban teams, scammers, spammers and link keylogers.

I only trade the items to this account that will be trading at that time, as of right now.
I private all comments so people cant get link to this profile. As this will be a holding account soon, main is reaching max items.
Talk through Trade Offers or comments, i do not do paypal or any other bs trading.