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Are you angry? Did YOU get Ricod'? Feel free to show your anger in the comments below, I love ego boosts. Get Ricod!!! :>

Elder Sweaty Heavy is still angry xD
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About Rico

I mainly play Team Fortress 2

I main Spy and Scout, I am also learning the ropes of Engineer

I have nearly 7k hours as TF2 and am strongly dedicated to the game

I also enjoy playing competitive TF2 and have my own team

I am decently known on TF2 in general, 50% of the games I join I get recognized :)

I do NOT trade, I simply buy items I like, and trade off my old items to friends that dont have any

I am 17 and a boy, I am also probably better than you at TF2 :)

Shout out to my best internet friends, Saggy (John), Dmann, Jamypie (James), spyke, Mikey, Bio, Fat doggo, and more. Fam love.

Oh yeah and dont forget GET RICOD BOYYY


Disclaimer- To all the salty boys that get dominated or rekt in TF2 and run to my profile to leave a mean comment feel free :) I enjoy leaving the comments so everyone can see how angry you are and how easily you let a video game effect your fragile feelings, IF you say I cheat tho because you are bad at the video game, your comment will be removed.

I also have a VAC Ban from 2 whopping years ago, I was a young dumb 15 year old and my friend told me to install a BHOP Config for CSGO and said I WOULD NOT get banned if I only used it in Public Community Surf Servers, he lied and I am still angry about it, I got banned 3 days later, although I personally didnt think BHOP was such a bad hack, I fully own up to my decision on installing the Configuration, shit happens, CSGO is ruined anyway these days tho so, meh.

Have a great day :) - R i c o

- Shout out to the top most salty bois, Elder God heavy, a salty heavy main, who is also like 38 with a huge ego, he thinks he is the best tf2 player, yet ive dommed him in every match ive been against him on (which is only two) afterwards, he left angry comments on my profile one was a whole paragraph, he is also a hacker and is in a little group of hackers, it is very funny seeing how fragile a old mans emotions are when they get Ricod, I cannot relate, this is why skill beats hacks, sit down old man and read the news paper, your account is full of -rep for a reason, feel free to leave a comment on his profile about him getting ricod :) I will provide a link to his profile below

-Shout out the second most salty boi I have ever ran into, this dude also got dommed in almsot every match ive versed him in, one game he totally enabled his rage hacks, and spawn camped me, it was honestly pretty funny, he is notorious for getting angry when he loses and is probably also a angry neck beard, he also got my IP address and DDOSed me for a few weeks till i changed my IP, I ran into him last night on 4/9/2019 and killed him 3 to 0 it was great. I hope he enjoys being angry and powerless to a 17 year old I will also provide a link to his account below


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A Heavy Main Apr 20 @ 8:16am 
I hear you beat the crap out of elder sweaty heavy. Nice job
[❤] Birthday Bat! ♥ Apr 15 @ 8:26pm 
+Rep Got Rico'd on Harvest.
Sethy Apr 12 @ 9:00am 
I'm on his friend list and he's da man. im talkin bout rico gentlemen
Zesty Apr 8 @ 2:42pm 
+rep It was an honor getting dominated by you :)
Nicotine's Queen~~ Apr 8 @ 2:26pm 
+rep Ric0'd hundreds
Scp-106 Apr 7 @ 6:04pm 
rico is such a great spy main+rep