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I have many Jewish friends and practice Judaism myself, however, today when I was wearing my Yarmulke in public, both visibly noticeable Christians (this man and his wife were wearing a cross and a crucifix t-shirt) and Muslims (a family who was wearing Islamic dress, The wife was wearing a burka and the husband was wearing typical Islamic male clothing). They were using very strong and anti-semetic hate speech towards me and the Christian man questioned my sexual orientation. In the past, I have tried to convince myself that not all Christians and Muslims are alike, but now, I cannot think this anymore. So I ask you, The Christians and Muslims, Why you all hate the Jewish people so much and why you insist on accosting us with your frivolous and asinine methods of your conversion. They will not work on me. I am a proud Jewish man and I intend on keeping it that way.

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Ema125 2017年9月27日 13時23分 
Hello, well I have come to notice that I have Outlast + dlc and a Borderlands, I am negotiating these two games for anything. sorry for the spam

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[SLSH] Link86 ♥♡♡ 2013年7月12日 12時33分 
James Deen sucks. Mainly cause he's a jew, but also cause he watches anime.
80's Dude 2012年12月10日 22時50分 
I love Harima. School Rumble is the best.
Doom 2012年10月14日 15時58分 
This guy is really ♥♥♥♥ed up, I just want him to die right now.
Gazooki Ranger 2012年10月6日 20時47分 
this guy is sick i dont no how but hes just sick and like in tf2 he goes wild and kills some ♥♥♥♥ing ♥♥♥ holes and i bet you love being demoman and youre just sick i hope you play tf2 and you play majic the gathering hope you get slick cards like if you have swamp you get murder and you have 1 you have acard that attack is 5 and you opponent has 5 lifepoints and one card on the field and you kill it with murder and then you attack and you win and he lost and then your like ♥♥♥♥ yeah
ℂaptain Jack 2012年9月13日 17時01分 
I sent invite