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Shannon   South Glamorgan, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
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Katowice 2014 Holo trader. Cashed out late 2015.
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I'm an extremley sub-par CSGO player, who has nice skins but in reality sucks at the game.
I don't play notmal Queues, I play FACEIT. Ask me for my FACEIT Profile to add me. :bbtcat:

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A Little About Me;
My name is Shannon, Yes that's legit. I'm 22, I was previously a Rare sticker/Holo Katowice 2014 Trader.

Where have all my skins gone?
I cashed out at the end of 2015, bought myself a better car and the rest went onto a project car, being as i'm stupid and like investing too much money into Rust.

Howcome you stopped streaming?
Essentially i had moved out in 2015 and had THE worst internet known to man.
I was also working around the clock to save to actually get the project running.
Would i stream again..? Maybe, if enough people wanted me to. I never had a big following but the scene in streaming is so competitive now, i may not bother.

I have an offer for you.
Any trade offers can be sent though my Trade Link , If anything your trading for isn't in my account leave a comment and add me!

With that out of the way, I'd class myself as a competitive person. I'm in and out of Supreme and LEM, Faceit levels differ from 2 to 6, ESEA is the same story, D to C+ and B.
As far as roles go, i lean more towards the Supportive IGL style role, Previously being IGL and 2nd AWP in ESEA Open on another account. Although never acomplishing anything great, i love competing and would love to play again if i could find the time.
Speaking of , I have a Smurf account , Feel free to add me on it (Rank is around Mg1).
Other than that i'm a pretty shit player with good game sense and no aim essentially.
I have a Yourube full of shit bad plays -inserts shameless plug-

Have fun, And good luck Trading and Playing!
ArchoN, Reynard
Screenshot Showcase
Any nametag suggestions?
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*x**⎛⎝Ethan⎠⎞*x*** Nov 4 @ 3:33am 
+rep friendly guy
WizarD [CW] Sep 7 @ 7:29am 
+rep noice
Isaac Moose Jun 14 @ 3:26am 
Yo man you sent me a message but my steam chat client is bein' an♥♥♥♥♥so I can't reply ;3;
Phoenix Apr 9 @ 6:31am 
Great strats called! Smells though so cant follow him on a strat, unlucky. 7/10 A for effort.
Junshirō Kobayashi Mar 7 @ 10:36am 
Good Player :d
Johnyy Feb 13 @ 1:47am 
+rep Friendly guy. <3