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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
4 2
Talon Sapphire .011
FN Prince
Clean .12 Vice glubbs
WW Fire serp 3x kato 15 (Dig holo 14 yeeted to 56% on wood)
----------------------Looking For---------------
Mainly high tiers, (Doppler gems, T1 blue gems, FN crimson webs) as far as weapon skins really anything that makes my desk rise up 6 inches.

Offer me anything within reason! Or let me know what you have for sale, Currently only doing Crypto and Buff.

Gold's Unboxed:
BTA MW King Snakes 3/13/20
FT Ursus Damascus Steel 4/10/20
FN M9 Gamma Doppler P1 5/7/20
FN Hydra gloves Mangrove 5/8/20
MW Moto Gloves Cool Mint 5/30/20
WW Moto Gloves Boom! 6/27/20

FAIR WARNING: I do not go first on any cash trade unless you’re on Zipel or Anomaly’s level...
If you do not trust me than I’m sorry I do not want your business. Don’t tell me you have cash rep, I truly could care less. I trusted it one time and got scammed for a 900$ knife). I will do middle man using M1, if it makes you more comfortable.

*I have over $20,000 worth of cash transactions throughout my steam comments, feel free to look through* My reasoning for not using Cash Rep is because I cash peoples cryto out for them and sell buff balance which leads to Cash Rep banns.

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Jötunn 3 hours ago 
+rep Free Kempa <3
LilBos Aug 5 @ 4:50am 
added, Please accept I have something to discuss
SkiLLz- Aug 1 @ 2:54pm 
eat my a-s-s
Dominator Jul 29 @ 11:50am 
yo, send me friend request, i have something for you
SkiLLz- Jul 28 @ 11:37am 
And a sapphire Talon knife..............................cmonBruh
flourish Jul 27 @ 6:21pm 
added for discussion