Ika'ruuz Vharek'zak Iyitah   British Virgin Islands
If I was whole, I'd turn right now, I'd forget it and just walk away. Because I've been told that I'm dragging it out, but I've been dying just to see your face. And all I wanted was to say goodbye, but in the silence now I realize...
That after all... I built the wall.

We were one in the same, running like moths to the flame, you'd hang on every word I'd say... But now they only ricochet.
We were falling away, and you left me with a bittersweet taste, but when I send my heart your way, it bounces off the walls you made...

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If only I could just fall asleep and drift away against the current of time, along the shadow river, to disappear and dissolve. But it only becomes darker.

Name's Rex. But you can call me Revan if you want. I'm your not-so-local dragon, and I'm definitely a dragon in real life.
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I'm a part-time streamer and YouTuber. I also love dragons, in case that weren't obvious.
You're free to add me if you'd like, but I'd prefer to see comments on my profile, just a little "hi" or something, and perhaps why you'd like to add me. Please don't add me if you're a friend collector, it's called a friend list for a reason, not a facebook ego list.

You can locate me elsewhere:
Discord: Revanaskar#3882
Telegram: @Randaar
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Black Squad: RevanTheDragon
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It's interesting, really. The more time goes on, the more you begin to realise love is just a concept we all chase because the media tells us to. We don't need a soulmate. We're just told to believe so. I miss the days when I hadn't been cracked open and didn't feel attached to people, I miss when I was reckless and careless for my actions and words. I miss not having to feel anything for someone other than myself.

I'm glad I'm finally letting go again and somewhat turning cold. I think I preferred life this way... When everything didn't feel mandatory. When everything didn't feel emotionally charged. When I didn't feel love and lust. Jun 1 @ 12:28am 
Only people named Michael
yeah dude im just kidding u know who i am dude who else would make such a stupid joke May 31 @ 3:09am 
No, it was intentional, mittle means a period of time in which people are hurting
i think u mispelled middle bro
Blue May 25 @ 8:21pm