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17:05 - splatt: hello
17:05 - splatt: Its me
17:05 - splatt: Sam
17:06 - Sam!: fuck off xD
17:06 - splatt: i can actualy hear ur voice saying Fuck off
17:06 - Sam!: LMAO

Sam!:fuck off
Slarky:That fuck off is so familiar.As splatt said it i actually can hear your voice saying fuck off
Sam!:do you really hear it?
Slarky:Yeah when you write fuck off
Sam!:i must say it way too much

Slarky: Even when you speak louder. Or when you're tilted Your fuck off is still the same

I say fuck off way too much

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¡¡¡ JESSi SLAUGHTER ♡ Jan 22 @ 11:56pm 
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[TZF] Sam! Jan 20 @ 7:29am 
why is it always me?
fnatic ♥ Ariana* Jan 20 @ 7:27am 
stupid pig
¡¡¡ JESSi SLAUGHTER ♡ Jan 19 @ 12:41pm 
[TZF] Sam! Jan 19 @ 12:33pm 
someones unhappy xD