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Posted: Feb 8, 2019 @ 7:21am
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What can you expect from ZAMB??? It’s like other games of similar genre you have weapons and skills to defend or protect reactors or special areas.
In short, it’s a mix of a twin stick shooter and a tower defence.
You set on the maps your turrets and mines that assist you in the combat. And then shot or slash the waves down. Simple and repetitive....

One of the better points of this game is the comic look graphics, you have these colorful graphics through the game. In the cutscenes are even comic strips that give a little bit of insight of the Story of ZAMB.

  • Co-Op Mode
  • Art Style
  • Nice mix of twin stick shooter and tower defence elements

  • Only 2 Characters but with different abilities
  • Don’t play it alone… (the AI from the CPU it's really bad)
  • Skill Upgrades don’t have a great impact in the game

When you have a chance, then play it with a friend! With a friends it's really fun for a short while.
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