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Posted: Feb 11, 2019 @ 3:40am
Updated: Feb 11, 2019 @ 3:42am
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Early Access Review
Breach is a asymmetric 4 Vs 1 third person online RPG Game. You can play as a Hero or as Boss the Demon Veil.
It’s like a mix of Diablo 3 and typical 4vs1 games like Evolve.
Well as hero you can choose between 18 different classes, many of them feels similar to each other in term of skills and animations. With drops or unlocking per money you can customize skills or your upgrade your gear.

In the early stage of this game it’s just only has 3 Maps, but I think QC Games works on additional maps. See the Early Access Rodmap they will add more heros, maps, enemies and new game modes.

Currently the balancing is a bit off in term of skills and classes but it’s okay the developer have time to fix some issues.

  • Fun Co-op aspect
  • Character customization in term of skills and gear
  • No pay to win monetization

  • Need much time for drops or to farm the ingame currency (to unlock heroes, skills, etc)
  • Matchmaking: Currently I have to wait between 5-20 Minutes to start a match. (I feel like I’m playing with the 8 same
    player again and again – is there a small player base?)
  • Balancing is a bit off

So do I recommend the game?
When you have friends to play with. Grab the game, it’s a fun fast paced game. And I think the developers will fix many of the issues and change some of the balancing problems with the skills and the progress system.
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